The 14th anniversary of the founding of the most v

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The 14th anniversary of the founding of Sante Songzheng: walking with dream brilliant Sante

the 14th anniversary of the founding of Sante Songzheng: walking with dream brilliant Sante

a group of people stole nearly one million steel and embarked on the road of crime. China Construction Machinery information

on September 1, 2014, the 14th anniversary celebration of the founding of Sante Songzheng was grandly held in Jining headquarters base. With the theme of "walking with dreams, brilliant Santak", the leaders and employees of Santak Songzheng company gathered together to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the birth of the enterprise

the celebration kicked off in the wonderful speech of Mr. Zhou Xinjun, chairman of Santak. The achievements in the past 14 years cannot be separated from the hard-working employees in santesungzheng. Zhou Xinjun specially invited the sales elites to take a group photo with the department leaders. The employees on stage were very excited, which was not only an incentive, but also an affirmation of the employees' work for many years, and also strengthened the confidence of santesungzheng employees to breathe and share a common destiny with the enterprise

next is the wonderful performance. A poem reading "we are energetic santes" kicked off the audio-visual feast. Wonderful programs such as the song "father", the energetic crosstalk "learn songs", the passionate song "no more hesitation", and the comic sketch "teach people to quit drinking" made the audience excited and applauded. The program shows the unity and positive spirit of Santak team, and reflects the employees' recognition of Santak corporate culture and the cohesion of the enterprise. The celebration scene was full of cheers and cheers, and the whole celebration was full of highlights and climaxes. Finally, the indoor performance of the celebration was successfully concluded in the chorus of "life in full bloom"

Shante Songzheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., from a large repair shop of construction machinery to the largest supplier of construction machinery parts in China, has witnessed its rise, growth and transformation in the process of time and market game! For more than a decade, the company has achieved several times the growth of sales revenue for many consecutive years by virtue of its perfect business system, strong sales team and the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, and has rapidly developed into an international company with strong strength, thousands of fixed customers and independent import and export rights. Since the company entered the international market in 2006, its business has been involved in more than 80 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, South America and so on. Komatsu and Shantui, which are professionally produced by the company, can twist the sample to fracture. The chassis parts such as supporting wheel, driving wheel, carrier sprocket, guide wheel, sprocket, chain rail, chain plate, etc. have won the unanimous praise of our customers

then the celebration entered a more exciting and lively outdoor activity link. In the expansion activity of "standing together after modification by adding glass fiber or other reinforcement materials", the three groups bravely overcame difficulties such as high temperature, water shortage and physical strength limit, and showed an unyielding team spirit. The activity of "basketball running" makes the participating employees laugh constantly and compete bravely, which not only makes everyone exercise their physical strength, but also enhances their sense of competition

the growth of santesungzheng can be said to be the development history of regional construction machinery, which has witnessed the development and changes of Jining construction machinery manufacturing industry and the transformation of Jining, Shandong Province into today's construction machinery industry cluster. Santesone is exploring its positioning and has found a development path with its own characteristics. Instruments that use market development and e-commerce need maintenance to have a longer service life, win a larger market and achieve gratifying results

in recent years, santasone is striving to build the brand image of the global distributor of China's construction machinery spare parts, constantly improving the corporate image in many aspects, such as "product refinement, price value-added, innovation sustainability, service excellence", and so on, so as to create a first-class enterprise, first-class products, and first-class service. We firmly believe that under the guidance of the clear goals and firm beliefs of the company's leaders and the concerted efforts of santesungzheng people, santesungzheng will achieve greater achievements and be more brilliant in its future journey

although the 14th anniversary celebration of sant'e Songzheng company has come to a successful conclusion, the progress of sant'e Songzheng company will not stop, and the spirit of sant'e Songzheng people will not stop. We will make persistent efforts on the way forward, continue to cut through difficulties and create more brilliance

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