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On September 12, the leaders of the 149th regiment of the Eighth Agricultural Division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps led the personnel of the agricultural department and other departments into two inspection teams to go deep into the cotton fields, cotton farms and cotton ginning plants for sale, strictly inspect the picking, spreading and drying, and hauling of cotton, and require the establishment of "three cards" for packaging cotton, strictly control the quality, improve the grade of cotton, improve economic benefits, and make the regiment increase efficiency, Increase the income of employees

according to the introduction, the 149th regiment formulated the "quality requirements for cotton picking, spreading and drying, and hauling" from the beginning of picking new cotton, requiring all personnel picking cotton to wear white cloth hats, use white cloth flower bags and flower bags, and package from the cotton entering the flower bag, so as to prevent the hair from falling into the cotton, prevent the cotton from contacting the chemical fiber bag, chemical fiber bag and colored fiber, and first block the "three threads" to mix into the cotton. Second, the company unified the construction of a "standardized" red brick cotton paddock, spreading and drying cotton without contacting the sand, and blocking the sand and soil chores to pollute the cotton. Third, vehicles transporting cotton must pass the examination, and the exhaust pipe must wear a fire cover to ensure fire safety; Tie an oil pocket under the oil pan to prevent greasy cotton from polluting; Cover the cotton cart with white cotton tarpaulin and jam the uniaxial compressive strength test during transportation: the rock test is carried out between the upper and lower pressing plates of the press, and it is polluted by flying sand during pressurization

in order to implement the "three cards", the leaders of the 149th regiment led relevant personnel to go deep into the cotton field. Relying on the advantages of years of intensive cultivation in the industry, they found that a person who did not wear a white cloth cap was fined 5 yuan, and the cadres who led the shift to pick up flowers and the contractors were also fined; If a person is found using a chemical fiber bag or bag, he will be fined 10 yuan and destroyed on the spot; When spreading and storing cotton, white cotton tarpaulin must be paved to prevent cotton from falling on sand and land; On the way of transporting and selling cotton, the cotton cart was covered with white cotton tarpaulin. Through inspection, no violation of the "requirements" was found. The leaders of the group gb/t 3098.7 (2) 000 fasteners' mechanical properties self extrusion screws required "smart packaging of cotton" to create a better "quality year" for the benefit of society and people

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