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The 14th International automatic identification technology exhibition came to an end

the three-day 14th International Automatic Identification Technology Exhibition (scanchina2007) has been successfully concluded. The organizing committee has carefully prepared and provided affectionate services. Exhibitors have actively signed up for and participated in the exhibition. The media continue to pay attention to and report on it. The audience is enthusiastic to participate, and the application and technical points of relaxation testing machine are carefully visited, Scanc convenient inspection hina2007 has achieved gratifying results. Scanchina2007 has a planned total area of 8000 square meters and an effective exhibition area of 2578 square meters, an increase of 25% and 22% over the same period in 2006. Tens of thousands of visitors and listeners from all over the country engaged in automatic identification industry, logistics industry, retail industry, manufacturing industry (especially automobile manufacturing) and food processing industry participated in the exhibition and its corresponding activities. Highlight 1: the scale of exhibitors is expanded, and the overall effect is good.

with the increase of exhibitors, the increase of unit area, the careful design of special booth, and the increase of types of display products, the overall atmosphere of the exhibition hall is magnificent. There are 85 exhibitors and 33 specially decorated booths, including 25 booths with an area of more than 36 square meters; There are 30 first-time exhibitors, including 9 specially decorated booths; There are 7 well-known foreign manufacturers

highlight 2: the visitors responded well.

the exhibition products, especially the products with independent intellectual property rights, have attracted high praise from the visitors, and the automatic identification technology has also been highly valued by the government

highlight 3: further improve the quality of visitors

relying on the targeted publicity in the early stage of the exhibition and the careful selection of the database, the quality of visitors to this exhibition has been significantly improved; Exhibitors directly found the end users. The audience actively participated in the passport game, which also improved the interest and quality of visitors and formed a good interaction with exhibitors

highlight 4 on site procurement

the procurement boom appeared. On the day of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, users ordered products on site and signed countless orders on site. After the meeting, the purchasing boom continued unabated, and users continued to consult about purchasing matters

from the government level, the audience of the forum was full

the press conference of new products and technologies in the automatic identification industry, the China International RFID Technology Application Forum, and the first China International Food Safety Management Technology Application Summit Forum. The guest speeches were wonderful, aroused the deep interest of the audience, and formed a good interaction. The audience increased from beginning to end

highlights six media reports

during the exhibition, a number of media tracked and reported the whole process, conducted on-site interviews, and broadcast live pictures and pictures, giving full play to the role of the exhibition publicity platform

scanchina2007 has been carefully planned and prepared, and has provided in-depth services and dedication to many exhibitors and visitors. This exhibition is actually a masterpiece of 2007 in the field of automatic identification, which has promoted the development process of China's automatic identification industry and vigorously promoted the exchange and cooperation of automatic identification technology at home and abroad

on the afternoon of October 26, 2007, a commemorative closing ceremony was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, which was the first in the history of scanchina

at the closing ceremony, the rich achievements and successful experience of this exhibition were summarized, the vision of next year's exhibition was looked forward to, and the international automatic recognition technology exhibition was proposed to be a classic exhibition that will never fade

in order to continue to improve the service quality of the international automatic identification technology exhibition and promote the enthusiasm of the audience to visit, the organizing committee specially organized an award-winning activity with the participation of the audience. According to the audience's on-site visit and on-site votes, the practical booth award, environmental protection booth award, popular booth award, cutting-edge product award, technological innovation award, novel scheme award and other awards were selected

at the closing ceremony, Luo qiuke, deputy director of China article coding center, won the scanchina2007 practical booth award, scanchina2007 environmental protection booth award, scanchina2007 popular booth award, scanchina2007 cutting-edge product award, scanchina2007 technological innovation award, s, Shanghai Kecheng Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., which has won the scanchina2007 novel scheme award since the plastic factory began production at the end of last year Shanghai Xianda Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lianxin Automatic Identification Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lixiang Computer Co., Ltd., Beijing Weishen Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing kaitaixiang Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jingteng Digital Technology Co., Ltd., jupu Optoelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Toshiba Tiger Information System (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen bakud computer system Co., Ltd Xiamen Jingrui Computer Co., Ltd., meilijie automatic identification instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Ruifu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kunrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd., printing system Department of Eli (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai meigetai Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baiyang Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Electronic Industry Research Institute, Beijing Haidali film switch Co., Ltd Fujian new world Automatic Identification Technology Co., Ltd., Lingjia anti-counterfeiting technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haier Software Co., Ltd. and Hongba digital technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. presented the awards

scanchina2007 is a success and a successful conclusion. 2008 will be more exciting and scanchina will last forever

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