The 15 meter glass wall of the most flaming hall r

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Hall of light: the 15 meter glass wall projects the famous Jerusalem painting

leave the whispering flower and hang the transmission gear garden, and the audience will directly enter the hall of light of the Israeli Pavilion. The main tourist attractions in Israel, Israel's history and rich Jewish cultural heritage will be displayed here. The production and utilization of waterborne polyurethane, solvent-free and other ecological synthetic leather will be further promoted. The audience will spend about 15 minutes to understand Israel's humanities, geography and history

along the arc-shaped wall, it can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. Multimedia measures will show the development history of the Jewish nation, including Einstein's modern physics legend

there is a 15 meter high glass wall in the exhibition hall. Multimedia videos will be projected on the wall to introduce Israeli stories, places of interest, etc

whether it's day or night, the audience can watch the huge images of the holy city of Jerusalem and dove of peace projected by multimedia measures on the glass wall through the transparent outer wall of the hall of light on the pedestrian elevated walkway adjacent to the Israeli Pavilion, with an estimated total investment of 210 million yuan

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