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Thailand will increase the operating rate of ethylene plant

in order to meet the growing demand, the company decided to increase the operating rate of its ethylene cracking plant to%, which is located in map TA phut, with an ethylene capacity of 800000 tons/year, and its operating rate in August was 80%

rayon is an ideal product for consumers to choose. Hydrocarbon company has completed the naphtha procurement task in November. The common mechanical properties of the following materials, the company initially plans to import a batch of naphtha spot shipments in December. In addition, a batch of contract shipments of the company will be postponed to December

the source said, "if the petrochemical market continues to weaken, we will have to reduce production, which also means that we will reduce spot imports." 80% of the naphtha of Rayong olefin company comes from imports, while the company's ethylene products are sold to domestic customers, including Thailand polyethylene company, which recently decided to build a new 200000 t/a PE plant

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