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Thanh Tai company builds Vietnam's first food grade PET recycling plant

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (July 26, 2011). Thanh Tai Gas Co. in Vietnam is spending $15million to build what it calls Vietnam's first complete PET recycling plant, which will be able to produce food grade materials approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

the new plant will be equipped with equipment from American supplier Bepex international LLC. the first production line will be put into operation in January next year, and then the second parallel production line will be put into operation. The annual regeneration capacity of PET bottles is up to 1.5 billion

Thanh Tai, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, said that PET bottles are rapidly replacing traditional glass bottles in Vietnam, which provides them with a stable source of supply. According to the company's estimate, Vietnam's pet consumption in 2010 was about 200000 tons, and this market is now growing at a rapid pace of about 25% a year

thanh Tai test opportunity has the function of processing data. The company said in an email: "at present, Vietnam does not have a complete PET recycling plant, and Vietnam, with a population of 87million, must jointly create the most cost-effective solution. The demand for beverages in the southern market is huge."

the new plant will be located in Long'an Province, about 30 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, and will have about 70 employees

the company said it would collect waste PET throughout Vietnam. About half of the recycled materials produced were supplied to the domestic market of the country, and the other half were used for export. It will mainly supply the film, fiber, resin and bottle preform market

Officials of Thanh Tai Company said that they need technology that can produce materials in a wide range of applications, from food grade to fiber and carpet applications

thanhtai company, with annual sales of about US $50million, claims to be one of the top domestic gas system manufacturers in Vietnam, with a market share of about 9%

the company plans to put into production gas tanks with plastic composites in Vietnam in September this year, and will adopt Swedish licensed technology

the company operates a variety of businesses, including recycled polypropylene and polyethylene of all levels, the production of plastic boxes and steel gas tanks, and the warehousing business of storing general import and export products

bepex said that the demand for bottle to bottle and food contact recycling such as "partner" pet in the Asian market is increasing day by day, and brand businesses such as Coca Cola and Pepsi have increased their requirements for recycled PET, prompting bottle making enterprises to find new sources of supply

robgrady, marketing director of thermal products of Bepex company, said, "with the continuous expansion of the B2B market, recycled PET sheet and particle manufacturers began to take the lead in seizing the opportunities brought by the demand growth. It is very important to grasp the opportunity to build PET recycling plants that can meet the current needs of the industrial market in order to meet the current and future needs of the B2B market."

Bepex said that its production system is highly flexible, and it can produce multiple levels in one production line, including recycled PET of materials and products used to contact food in the process of food processing, packaging and transportation, such as food processing machinery and pipelines

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