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The Belt and Road continues to promote machinery and equipment to set sail

the Belt and Road continues to promote machinery and equipment to set sail

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Event: on March 21, 2017, the national "the Belt and Road" official - China's the Belt and Road was officially launched and launched on Weibo

comments: the strategic potential of the the Belt and Road has risen, and the wonderful play will continue: ① recently, the strategic potential of the the Belt and Road has continued to rise, and the king of Saudi Arabia signed an economic and trade agreement with national leaders on March 15; On March 17, the "the Belt and Road" was first explicitly supported by the United Nations Security Council; The summit to be held in May is the highest forum of the Belt and Road in the past three years, and the probability of important projects will be implemented before and after the Forum; ② Judgment 201 brings inconvenience to the measurement work. Seven years will be an accelerated year for the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy and the implementation of the project. Now is the precious window period for the the Belt and Road to launch a heavy attack. The strategic position is expected to rise at the central level, and the policy combination is likely to win priority in all ministries and commissions. The optimization of institutional conditions, the increase of infrastructure and the acceleration of production capacity will open a new prospect for the promotion of the the Belt and Road

the market continues to advance, and the good infrastructure is transmitting to the construction machinery: ① under the guidance of the principle of facility connectivity, the "the Belt and Road" at this stage focuses on overseas and central and western infrastructure. Taking China Railway as an example, overseas orders in 2016 increased by nearly 50% year-on-year. ② On the one hand, with the rapid growth of the number of contracted projects in the "the Belt and Road" region, it is estimated that overseas construction machinery orders will increase significantly in 2017. Taking excavators as an example, according to the data of the industry association, 612 excavators were exported in February 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 41%. ③ On the other hand, connectivity. At present, the United States can increase the value of fruits by 2.4 times by using advanced fresh-keeping materials. Under the background, infrastructure construction in the central and western regions takes the lead. Take Xinjiang as an example, in February 2017, the sales volume of excavators was 229, with a year-on-year increase of 114%. It is judged that the infrastructure construction in the central and western regions will promote the continuous recovery of many varieties of construction machinery in a long period. ④ Combined with the proportion of overseas business and the many positions that Mr. Li of the industry knows about the experimental machine, Sany Heavy Industry (the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China and the sixth largest in the world, with overseas revenue accounting for 42%) and XCMG machinery (vigorously develop the export-oriented economy, implement the internationalization strategy supported by product export, with overseas revenue accounting for 23%) are the first to benefit from the target Liugong (located in Liuzhou, Guangxi, with strong regional advantages)

in addition to the construction machinery sector, some companies directly benefit from the capacity to go to sea: ① the the Belt and Road strategy is deepened. At the same time, the national development and Reform Commission clearly proposed to promote the PPP model in countries along the line, and overseas Infrastructure PPP projects should be developed in order to avoid stress. Relying on China Communications Construction, Zhenhua heavy industry has announced that it has signed a total of 14.555 billion yuan of PPP project orders since July 2016. It is judged that with the implementation of orders, the company's performance will increase significantly. ② In the context of the the Belt and Road initiative, the export of domestic advantageous production capacity has accelerated. According to statistics, CRRC received export orders of US $8.1 billion in 2016, an increase of nearly 40% year-on-year. Judging from the future, China's high-speed rail, as a new business card of "made in China", will continue to be the leader in capacity export, and the implementation of large projects is expected

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