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Thailand will successively launch a number of important infrastructure construction projects

Thailand will successively launch a number of important infrastructure construction projects

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after a meeting with the three major non-governmental organizations on September 3, the Ministry of transport of Thailand said that it had notified the situation of 17 large-scale infrastructure construction projects implemented in, with a total investment of 1.6 trillion baht. After 2016, there will be more important construction projects that can be implemented successively, and private institutions can submit relevant opinions to the Ministry of transport

a Kong, Minister of transportation, said that the infrastructure construction project with the above investment amount of 1.6 trillion baht, clicking the release button includes the construction of three intercity highways, one railway, seven double track railways and three high-speed railways

akong also pointed out that the Ministry of transport agreed to meet with non-governmental organizations, and the interval between meetings and communication has been shortened. From the original meeting every three months, it is now held every two months, and the discussion is divided into four areas: land, water, air and rail transportation, focusing on the infrastructure investment of transportation system development projects The principles related to private enterprises and the details of the problems that private enterprises think need to be solved urgently are classified according to different situations

akong said that private institutions have requested the Ministry of transport to speed up the upgrading of Nakhon panon and burilan airports into international airports to meet the increasing number of passengers using the airport to Laos and Vietnam

in addition, the Federation of three major non-governmental organizations also proposed that the Ministry of transport should speed up consultations with Malaysian officials to allow cross-border transportation of trucks, and make clear provisions for cross-border transportation of trucks, so as to facilitate the goods between the two countries' borders. In terms of water transportation, it is also proposed to pay close attention to the expansion of port terminals, such as the valve hydraulic testing machine, to solve the current problem of relatively crowded port terminals, especially songka 1 port. Representatives of non-governmental organizations also raised issues such as the limit standards for the load and body height of heavy-duty vehicles. Due to the discrepancy between the land transport department and the provisions of the transportation law, relevant government departments should study and solve them together and clarify them at the transportation system management committee

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