The hottest Thanksgiving, Obama pardoned two turke

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On Thanksgiving, Obama pardoned two turkeys, one of which was actually named "Abe"

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[Global Times special envoy Feng Guochuan] every year, the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving in the United States. According to the Convention, the White House holds a turkey pardon ceremony the day before Thanksgiving. One of the "lucky chickens" pardoned this year is called "honesty", while the other is actually named after the Japanese Prime Minister - "Abe"

according to VOA 25, on the same day, Obama held a turkey pardon ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Obama said in his speech that it is hard to believe that he has pardoned the turkey for the seventh year. "Time flies, but the turkey doesn't fly.". The names of the two turkeys this year were voted by California students and named after Lincoln's nickname "honest Abe" since the former general manager of the United States universal material testing machine was first used in the metal field. Coincidentally, in the foreseeable future, don't buy "Abe", which looks very small in the same tonnage. It's the English spelling of "Abe". According to the White House, "Abe" grew up in California and usually likes listening to country music best. He is a "healthy and energetic" Turkey. Abe's replacement, Turkey "honesty" who came to the White House with him, did not appear at the ceremony, but was also pardoned by Obama. According to tradition, Obama only needs to pardon a turkey, but in order to prevent the turkey from failing to perform its duties in an emergency, the White House will prepare a "substitute" Turkey. Obama joked that although "honesty" looks delicious, we should also listen to the opinions of democracy. It is reported that "honesty" and "Abe" will be sent to a farm in Virginia to spend their old age

the tradition of American presidents pardoning turkeys began in 1947 when President Truman was in office. Usually, the authorities will randomly select 80 turkeys, then select 20 bigger and better performing turkeys from them, and finally leave two turkeys for amnesty. During Obama's seven years as president, the pardoned turkeys were very short-lived. Many turkeys died within a year after the amnesty, and the turkeys usually lived for 3 to 4 years. Therefore, Obama was also ridiculed as a "crow hand"

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