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The "the Belt and Road" runs through Eurasia, connecting the Asia Pacific Economic Circle to the East and the European economic circle to the West. Against the backdrop of sluggish global economic recovery, the "the Belt and Road" undoubtedly establishes a general direction for driving global economic growth, and also provides a good opportunity for energy and mining enterprises to display their talents

From the perspective of domestic development, the construction of the "the Belt and Road" will create preconditions for comprehensively deepening reform and sustainable development, and find the focus and breakthrough of future development in the new pattern of regional cooperation, which can be described as "one child falls and revitalizes"

first, gradually form a pattern of regional cooperation. Under the current global economic downturn, the "the Belt and Road" strategy can gradually form a pattern of regional cooperation from point to area, from line to piece. The new cooperation pattern will further deepen market integration, enrich market forms, expand market functions, improve market mechanisms, significantly improve the breadth, depth and scale of transactions, and further enhance the vitality and momentum of China's economic development domestically

secondly, it can promote China's all-round opening-up. On the one hand, promote the development of regional trade, bring "trade creation effect" and "trade transfer effect" statically, and realize "market expansion effect" and "promoting competition effect" dynamically; On the other hand, by improving the structure of foreign trade, we can promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, lay the foundation for the industrial development of the eastern region, and pave the way for the industrial upgrading of the western region

third, it can lead different regions in China to gradually move towards a balanced development state. Through the organic connection and function of "the longest and most potential economic corridor in the world", and through maritime interconnection, port city cooperation mechanism and marine economic cooperation, the situation that the western region of China has been far away from the central market has been changed, and the regional disadvantages of development have been reversed. At the same time, the eastern region has better optimized the allocation of resources on the basis of the original development, The overall synergy between the East and the west can form a development state with both internal driving force and external pulling force in different regions of the country

new opportunities for the development of energy and mining industry

under the background of the continuous downturn of global mining industry, the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" initiative will bring the following development opportunities to mining industry

1. Energy enterprises usher in the dawn of construction and M & A

as the center of gravity of the world energy market gradually moves eastward, China has become the center of energy geopolitics, and energy enterprises will be the main force of the "the Belt and Road" cooperation. In the vision and action released by the national development and Reform Commission and other departments, it specifically mentioned "strengthening the interconnection and cooperation of energy infrastructure, jointly maintaining the safety of transportation channels such as oil and gas pipelines", "increasing the difference between the recorded or displayed deformation value of coal and indication error samples and the actual value of measured value", oil, gas, metal minerals and other traditional energy resources exploration and development cooperation ", "Promote cooperation in the local and nearby processing and transformation of energy resources, form an integrated upstream and downstream industrial chain of energy and resources cooperation, and strengthen cooperation in energy and resources deep processing technology, equipment and engineering services", etc. Energy enterprises will usher in better opportunities in industrial development, project construction, financial support, mergers and acquisitions and integration, and promote energy cooperation from bilateral to multilateral, to mutual benefit and win-win results

2. The steel industry will take advantage of "going out"

the "the Belt and Road" infrastructure investment is large, and the manufacturing of energy, high-speed rail, nuclear power and other equipment will bring a lot of demand for steel. On the one hand, it can promote steel mills to "go global", build factories abroad to alleviate domestic overcapacity, and can also take advantage of the superior mineral resources in some foreign regions to reduce costs. On the other hand, the "the Belt and Road" can also promote the transfer of production, strengthen cooperation with countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries, and promote the export of steel, so as to alleviate the contradiction between domestic supply and demand. At the same time, stimulate the transfer of steel mills to the West and coastal areas, and improve the industrial layout of the domestic steel industry, which is conducive to the long-term development of the steel industry. According to the law of "no steel without manganese", the de productivity of the manganese industry will be alleviated and adjusted

3. Non ferrous metals will add new impetus

under the new normal, China's non-ferrous metal industry is still facing a prominent situation of "double squeeze and three constraints" ("double squeeze", that is, the double pressure of not rising prices and not falling costs. "Three constraints" include overcapacity constraints, technical level constraints and ecological environmental protection constraints). Production, consumption and investment growth are slow, product prices will continue to be weak and volatile, and enterprise operation is still very difficult. With the help of the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, accelerate the "going out", aim at the "low-grade" mine development, expand the application of non-ferrous metals and other technical needs, and break the bottleneck of resource and environment constraints; At the same time, realize cross industry integration, coupling industrial capital and financial capital, and reshape the industrial value chain system. The vision and action mentioned that "promote the construction of cross-border power and transmission channels, and actively carry out regional power upgrading and transformation cooperation". The release of the good news of power investment undoubtedly ushered in a new period of opportunity for the non-ferrous metal industry

4. The gold industry will receive major opportunities

the countries along the "the Belt and Road" have rich gold resources and strong demand, and have a good foundation for cooperation in investment, financing and trade. Gold trading is likely to become an important meeting point between China and the countries along the belt and road, covering Southeast Asia, CIS, Africa and other regions rich in mineral resources. With the continuous development of the gold international board, product development has a long way to go, and China's pricing power in the gold market will continue to expand, The influence is also deepening, and domestic gold enterprises will face major opportunities and challenges. If we make full use of the opportunity that the country plans to incorporate gold development into the strategic planning of the "the Belt and Road", it will bring considerable development to the future gold industry

5. Geological work will be promising

the countries along the "the Belt and Road" are extremely rich in mineral resources. They are the main supply base of mineral raw materials in the world and play a decisive role in global economic and social development. In 2014, the China Geological Survey Bureau included the "the Belt and Road" basic geological survey and information service plan into the "nine plans" (now the "ten plans") to be fully promoted. It is understood that the plan is divided into three major projects: the comparative study of important metallogenic belts in surrounding countries, the global geochemical and remote sensing survey of mineral resources, and the integration and service of global mineral resources information. The plan focuses on six economic corridors and maritime strategic fulcrum layout, including the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor, the China Iran Turkey economic corridor, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the Bangladesh China India Myanmar economic corridor, the China Singapore Economic Corridor, and the China Mongolia Russia economic corridor. Provide technical support and information services for the development of major national regions through the basic geological survey of the covered areas. The objectives of this series of geological work with strategic height are very clear: to establish and improve the global database of geological and mineral resources and investment conditions, to provide reliable basic geological and mineral data for relevant national departments to formulate resource exploration and development policies, and to provide strategic targets for domestic geological exploration units and mining enterprises to "go global" to carry out overseas mineral resource risk exploration; At the same time, it will guide geological prospecting and resource and environmental evaluation in China's border areas, and improve the level and effect of international cooperation in geology and mineral resources

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