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The Belt and Road - Zoomlion tower crane assisted the construction of Cambodia International Mall, which was highly appreciated by customers for its efficient construction within a period of one year.

recently, beside the Mekong River and National Highway 1 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a large-scale engineering project integrating shopping malls and residences (pH eco mall project) is emerging. In this project, Zoomlion has maintained efficient operation and stable construction of 8 tower cranes since they entered the project in 2018, which has won high recognition from customers

△ Zoomlion tower crane is under construction on the Bingfa International Mall project

Bingfa International Mall is the flagship project built in Phnom Penh by one of Cambodia's largest real estate developers, pH group (Borey Peng huoth Group Co., Ltd). Statistics show that the project has an investment of US $200million, covers an area of more than 26800 square meters, and will provide 90000 square meters of rental area, as well as parking spaces that can accommodate 5000 car parks and a large number of motorcycles. The developer pH group will build the mall into a groundbreaking project by integrating modern design and facilities with Khmer culture. The construction of the project began in 2016, and it is planned to complete the main construction of the project in 2021, and the mall will be opened to the public in 2022

Gao Biao, an overseas marketing company of Zoomlion construction and hoisting machinery branch, said: Zoomlion's eight TA flat head tower cranes are mainly used for the hoisting construction of residential buildings in this project

according to Gao Biao, due to the large area occupied by this project, the maximum, minimum, uniform value, specification deviation and coefficient of variation of the same group of samples can be counted and implemented in the demonstration of Maping xihuangdao class 1 highway. The 98.5-kilometer building is not high, and the residential complex is about 30 meters high, so it needs to be equipped with a ruler on the folding table of the tower group. It is very important to determine the layout of tower crane in the early stage of the project. In order to provide customers with the best solution, Zoomlion service engineers and the project construction party conducted a detailed discussion on the construction conditions, tower crane layout location, model and other aspects

after comprehensive consideration, the TA flat head tower crane was finally selected, and the specific installation positions of the eight tower cranes were determined in combination with the building design drawings, Gao Biao said

ta flat head tower crane adopts German Jost technology, and the three mechanisms adopt full frequency conversion, which has stable operation and small impact. It is a small and medium-sized flat head tower crane with high reliability and high intelligence. In Bingfa International Mall project, Ta flat head tower crane adopts 40.5M independent height and 60m long jib. The lifting weight of the product boom tip is 1.3 tons, and the maximum lifting weight can reach 8 tons. During installation, 8 tower cranes are staggered with a height difference between each other. In order to prevent rotation and collision, the whole group of towers can work at the same time, which greatly improves the construction efficiency

△ at the beginning of 2018, Zoomlion tower crane stationed in the project began construction

Zoomlion's eight tower cranes maintained efficient operation and stable construction after mobilization, which not only provided an important guarantee for the smooth construction of the project, but also laid a good foundation for Zoomlion and pH group to deepen cooperation

it is reported that after the formulation of the plan, Zoomlion quickly delivered 8 tower cranes, and quickly completed the installation and commissioning. After being put into use for half a year, the excellent performance, low failure rate, energy efficiency and other advantages of the product have won customers' favor. In the same period, pH group has purchased three tower cranes of the same model and six other construction hoisting products for the construction of other new projects of the group. Now, pH group and Zoomlion continue to maintain a close cooperative relationship

Gao Biao said: after years of deep cultivation, Zoomlion's self export of construction and hoisting machinery and equipment ranked first in Cambodia in 2019. In 2020, we will continue to deepen our efforts in the the Belt and Road market, help customers develop with excellent products and services, help the company's brand influence rise, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

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