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Solemnly appeal to some flat-panel printer businesses not to sell devices with unstable performance

recently communicated with some customers, and found that there are many problems in the universal flat-panel printer industry, especially when some vendors know that customers can't produce after buying machines, but they still cheat customers to sell universal flat-panel printers without conscience, which are mainly shown as follows:

1 The equipment repair rate is too high: a customer bought A2 format flat-panel printer from a seller in February at the end of September 099. In less than two months, he pulled the universal flat-panel printer equipment back to the seller as many as 20 times, and most customers have a repair rate of more than 10 times a month

2. The equipment cannot be repaired: due to the congenital deficiency in the design of its universal flat-panel printer, it can no longer be repaired after about a month of use, which means that its equipment has been scrapped, and finally the customer gets a pile of scrap iron

3. Poor service attitude: when the universal flat-panel printer cannot be repaired, the customer will no longer answer the customer. After the customer comes to the door, he will also avoid it. The customer's description is: call Tiantian not to

4. The most frightening thing is that under the condition of unstable equipment performance, some sellers continue to advertise heavily, fooling other new customers, and even before the machine is produced, they start to collect customers' deposits, and then drag on not giving customers refunds because of insufficient technical capacity and unable to supply

here, as the technology leader in the industry of universal flat-panel printer/digital color printer, shenlongjie technology invites customers to polish their eyes, carefully select the strength of manufacturers and compare the performance of equipment before buying the machine, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. Please refer to our purchase guide for details

for customers who have purchased machines, our company will try our best to provide technical support and services

at the same time, our company also solemnly appeals to some sellers: do not sell immature models to customers for immediate short-term interests. The purpose of customers' purchase of machines is to use them for production and profit. The instability of equipment will harm not only customers, but also themselves, and even the whole industry. Please think twice before you act. When the ink quality, coating quality and after-sales service cannot keep up with each other, don't try to sell equipment for immediate interests

our company will also make further communication with the competent government departments to strive for the early production of printed board devices to reduce the number of printed board devices by 3 ⑴ 0 times (compared with domestic and foreign counterparts) and set the industrial technical standards for universal flat-panel printer products, so as to facilitate our customers 2 Place the new broach on the knife box for equipment procurement

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