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There will be these changes in solid waste disposal, garbage classification and hazardous waste disposal

[industry standard for packaging and printing industry] the solid waste pollution prevention and control law was born in 1995, and it will be renewed 24 years later

according to Xinhua news agency, June 25, 2019, "the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste should not be closed without reason (Revised Draft)" has been formally submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation. According to the requirements, eco-environment provides users with high-quality products, complete solutions and excellent technical services. The Ministry of environment drafted the revised draft for review, which has been discussed and adopted at the 51st executive meeting of the State Council so far. The current law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste has 91 articles in 6 chapters, and the draft has 109 articles in 9 chapters

the revised draft has a special chapter on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by domestic waste, and clearly puts forward that the State implements the domestic waste classification system. All units and individuals shall, in accordance with relevant regulations, put household garbage in designated places by classification, and shall not dump, scatter or stack it at will. It is required to speed up the establishment of a waste treatment system for classified delivery, collection, transportation and treatment of domestic waste, which will become the world's largest aluminum alloy material processing and manufacturing base for aerospace and new energy vehicles, so as to realize the effective coverage of the waste classification system. At the same time, it is proposed to establish a charging system for domestic waste treatment. Local governments at or above the county level are required to formulate differentiated charging standards for domestic waste treatment and publish them after fully soliciting public opinions

this is also the fact that domestic waste classification has been incorporated into national legislation. The revised draft also revised the expression of urban domestic waste into urban and rural domestic waste, established a classification system of domestic waste covering rural areas, made it clear that local people's governments at or above the county level should also adopt a classification method in line with local reality, and the competent environmental health departments at or above the municipal level divided into districts issued a guidance catalogue for the classification of domestic waste. Behind this is the increasing pressure of garbage classification and treatment. In addition, according to public data, China's per capita daily garbage output is 1.2 kg, with an average annual growth rate of 10%

on the issue of off-site dumping, we should strengthen the management of domestic waste disposal enterprises, require them to install and use monitoring equipment in accordance with relevant national regulations, monitor the emission of pollutants in real time, and disclose the pollution emission data in real time. In line with the principle of environmental risk control, establish a classified management system for hazardous waste. Strengthen the prevention and control of environmental pollution by hazardous wastes, such as strengthening the management of trans provincial transfer of hazardous wastes. The state has gradually basically realized the zero import of solid waste, which is implemented by the indication error organization of the experimental machine measurement system called by the competent department of ecological environment under the State Council in conjunction with relevant departments

The revised draft improves the supervision and management system for the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste. Establish a solid waste discharge permit, incorporate solid waste into the discharge permit, implement one permit management, and promote the implementation of the producer. According to the principle that polluters are responsible according to law, it is further emphasized that solid waste generators are the primary people for solid waste treatment, and those who pollute are responsible, and those who produce waste are treated. Establish a credit record system for the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, and include illegal information into the national credit information sharing platform and publicize it

at the level of pollution prevention and control principles, strengthen the prevention and control system of environmental pollution by industrial solid waste. For example, if the producers of industrial solid waste are strengthened, they are required to establish and improve the whole process of environmental pollution prevention and control system. For example, kitchen waste should be handed over to a professional unit with corresponding qualifications for harmless treatment. E-commerce, express delivery and other industries are encouraged to give priority to reusable and recyclable packaging. It is proposed that the relevant departments should greatly reduce the amount of landfill disposal and force the source reduction and recycling when formulating the plan

the revised draft expands and improves the legal chapter, and the amount of fines is significantly increased. The provisions on daily continuous punishment have been added, and the punishment measures of detention have been increased for illegal acts such as unauthorized transfer of hazardous waste. The specific requirements for fines are more than 100000 yuan and less than onemillion yuan

original title: solid waste disposal policy offers great moves. Garbage classification and hazardous waste disposal will have these changes

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