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A solid-state packaging technology applied to X-ray tube of X-ray spectrometer

this technology relates to the solid-state packaging technology of X-ray tube of X-ray spectrometer, which can produce ultra-high strength but still very light materials. It includes vacuum hole pressure relief rubber, X-ray tube body, Allen screw, sealing rubber flange, end face sealing flange, insulating oil Or by mixing polyamide 6 with special amorphous polyamide or polyamide copolymer to improve its processability, the composition of adhesive is characterized by: 1. The volume will be reduced under pressure; 2. It does not bear the sealing function

the purpose of this technology is to provide a new X-ray Tube solid-state packaging technology of X-ray spectrometer, which can completely solve the shortcomings of the existing packaging technology, such as aging, high cost, short service life, inconvenient maintenance, environmental pollution, complex X-ray tube structure, etc. due to the use of expansion parts

compared with the prior art, the vacuum hole pressure relief rubber is directly bonded to the inner surface of the end face seal flange, replacing the telescopic capsule in the prior art. This technology effectively reduces the oil leakage caused by fatigue deformation, aging crack and fracture of the telescopic capsule. The vacuum hole pressure relief rubber in the packaging belt and protective net technology greatly simplifies the sealing structure caused by the use of telescopic capsules in the prior art. Therefore, the installation and maintenance are convenient, and the operation is simple and reliable. Therefore, it is convenient to give full play to the efficiency of measurement data, installation and maintenance, and simple and reliable operation

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