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GUPT tires will fully implement European and American standards

recently, caokechang, vice president of GUPT tire rubber company, said that with the improvement of environmental protection standards, the EU officially launched noise certification in the tire market in October 2009, and since January 2010, the EU has required the mandatory use of environmentally friendly oil in the production process of environmentally friendly tires to replace the previous oil products that can be used as carcinogens in many projects at home and abroad. Therefore, the most stringent European and American standards will be fully implemented from the production field

at the beginning of 2010, GUPT will introduce new products launched in the U.S. market, which are characterized by lower rolling resistance compared with existing products. Due to the use of new materials, the service life of tires can be extended by 5%

solid platinum tire products are mainly aimed at the replacement tire market, and are available in 200 concrete interface treatment agent jc/t913 Size of the experimental machine: about 1600 * 1300 * 1700 mm07 ⑵ it was officially stationed in China in April 0026, and the Asia Pacific Technology Center was established in Shanghai in May 2008 to carry out product research and development for the needs of users in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China

from 2012, the European and American markets will have stricter standards for tires, such as paying attention to the detection of wet tires, reducing rolling resistance and carbon dioxide emissions

in the future, the pressure of tire manufacturers will increase. At present, there are nearly 300 tire production companies in China, and some enterprises that do not meet the emission standards will be eliminated by the market

"affected by the tire warranty case, the price rise of GUPT tires in the U.S. market has become a reality." Caokechang said that in 2008, there were 60million original tires and 2.2 billion replacement tires for domestic automobile manufacturers in the United States, of which 50million tires were imported from China. The tire manufacturers in the United States cannot guarantee the market demand and supply of these 50million tires

there is no plan to increase the price of GUPT tires in the Chinese market. In August this year, in order to meet the growing demand of the market, the supply specifications of several product series were specially expanded. For example, Cooper discoverer series has added 265/65r18 and 165/60r1. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery 8. Among them, the most noteworthy is discoverer ATR, which is sold synchronously in China. This all terrain light truck and SUV tire is specially designed for car manufacturers. It is suitable for car owners who pursue higher handling but do not want to lose driving comfort and quietness

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