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Solid state storage is about to explode. Yuanke's strategic upgrading is moving to China.

core tip: as the trump card in the domestic solid-state storage field, Yuanke runcore breaks the embarrassing situation that electronic products are occupied by foreign and Taiwan enterprises. Relying on the research technology of the PLA National University of Defense Technology for more than ten years, and starting from high-performance solid-state drives, it strives to build solid-state storage series products with completely independent intellectual property rights, It has become one of the only companies in China that master the core technology of solid state disk. According to the ranking released by the authoritative organization storage search, Yuanke ranked 7th among the 155 solid-state storage manufacturers in the world on June 23, 2011

2011 is called the first year of solid-state storage by the IT industry. At the time of the outbreak of solid-state storage, Yuanke runcore is looking for new breakthroughs through product innovation and strategic upgrading. From May 12 to 14, 2010, the 7th Beijing International Defense Electronics Exhibition was held in Beijing exhibition hall. Yuanke made its debut with its four product series of military industry, industry, commerce and consumption, showing its advanced technology in the field of solid-state storage and highlighting its confidence in entering the domestic market. At the exhibition site, the author had the honor to interview Mr. ong Gefei, deputy general manager of Yuanke innovation marketing. (hereinafter referred to as president Weng)

Mr. Weng Gefei, deputy general manager of innovation and marketing of Yuanke

technology upgrading and building the core competitiveness of enterprises

Yuanke is a professional manufacturer focusing on solid-state storage and engaged in SSD product research and development, manufacturing, sales and services. It has four series, eight product lines and more than 1000 solid-state storage products, which are widely used in computer, industrial storage, commercial servers, industrial control, embedded computers and other fields, It has obtained national standard, military standard and international quality system certification

president Weng introduced that relying on the PLA National University of defense technology, Yuanke innovation has been deeply branded with national brands since its birth. In the process of research and development, from the core of research and development, the core of content, the core of the whole product manufacturing, from beginning to end around the national industry, we use our own core technology to research and develop products

at present, it has SSD solid-state disk, E-Drive speed disk, runstorage solid-state storage array and other solid-state storage products, and has obtained more than 50 patents in the field of solid-state storage, forming a strong core competitive advantage

upgrade the variety and provide all kinds of application products in an all-round way

Yuanke innovative runcore focuses on the field of solid-state storage and provides the most comprehensive and professional SDD products for all kinds of applications

aiming at providing a fast and reliable iSCSI (small computer system interface) data management scheme for remote office of small and medium-sized enterprises, Yuanke runcore has launched a commercial nano solid-state storage array with large scale, high performance and high capacity, which enriches the existing series of product lines and injects some watch oil

the reading and writing speed of its Prov series continues to improve, which is close to the limit of sataii hard disk (data transmission bandwidth 300mb/s). It is the flagship product of Yuanke runcore consumer product line, marking the birth of an insurmountable milestone in the solid-state disk industry

invincible series is specially designed for military storage applications. The compressive strength (n) of p0201-0201 box type is calculated by Carey Carter formula; It carries out temperature, vibration, impact and other screening tests in accordance with military standards to ensure the quality of each product, and can provide the best customized storage solutions according to the needs of customers, including special functions, the proportion of storage capacity, the proportion of storage products in different environments, the requirements of product appearance, etc

Mr. Weng believes that SSD can be made into any shape and small volume in theory to meet the needs and trends of low power consumption and small volume of industrial systems such as embedded systems, and has great potential in the industrial field. As more embedded factories bring confidence merchants to extruder enterprises, there will be more innovative products, and industrial products will become more wonderful

product upgrade, a text message to ensure information security

at the 2010 consumer electronics exhibition, the xapear leak proof solid state drive first exhibited by Yuanke caused a sensation in the industry. In this national defense electronics exhibition, this product once again attracted many attention. President Weng introduced that xapear's leak proof solid-state drive uses the advanced technology of Yuanke runcore's original rapid destruction of stored data to launch a new product. The biggest highlight is the latest technology that supports the remote destruction of data

as long as the user confirms that the hard disk is out of control (illegal boot, illegal read-write), the user can destroy all the data in the hard disk through a simple operation instruction (SMS or other remote control signal transmitter), which can be called a revolutionary product in the field of data security

Yuanke solid state drive can not only bring higher comprehensive performance, richer product choices and more intimate customized services, but also make the world feel a rising Chinese national brand, and once again prove to the world the leading position of runcore in the field of solid-state storage

channel upgrade, strong and strong alliance Jianzhi consumer electronics

in April 2010, Yuanke held a signing ceremony with China's second ranked it distributor, Jiajie technology ECs. The two sides have entered a stage of in-depth cooperation on expanding the market channel system. Industry insiders believe that this move will greatly change the dilemma that SSD market has been occupied by foreign and Taiwan brands

then why did Yuanke choose Jiajie? President Weng said that Jiajie is currently the second largest IT enterprise in Greater China, with 8000 terminals in the country, and its cooperation can achieve complementary advantages in consumer applications. With the successful experience of Yuanke runcore in overseas markets, the strong and strong alliance can quickly use Jiajie's channels to promote the channel deployment speed and market promotion influence of Yuanke runcore in the consumer electronics market, and also show the high-end value of Yuanke runcore

the market is upgraded, and the advantages of returnees are transferred to the domestic market.

according to the report of market research company web feet research, SSD will definitely enter the mainstream market, and the high performance and high mobility of this technology will promote the scale of SSD market, and the global market will exceed US $14billion by 2011. At the same time, the global sales of SSD solid state drives will increase by 70% annually, and the supply volume will also exceed 76%

however, considering the maturity and user acceptance of the domestic market, Yuanke runcore chose to take developed markets such as Europe and the United States as a breakthrough first, and then move to the domestic market. After entering the U.S. market in October 2008, after less than a year of careful cultivation and intensive cultivation, it has successfully entered the European industrial and military markets

in 2009, through cooperation with channel dealers, Yuanke spent six months in the industrial and military markets of 24 countries, including Pakistan, India, Israel, etc

president Weng said: 2011 is the first year of SSD in China, and it will be a year of solid-state storage explosion. In the foreign market, we have accumulated some successful experience in the industrial and consumer sectors, and now we are back to expand the domestic market

the biggest advantage of Yuanke runcore SSD products in China is that it can produce the most suitable localized solid-state storage products, most realistically meet the needs of the domestic market, and provide the most intimate customized services for domestic users. In order to better serve the domestic market, Yuanke runcore will set up a GCIs service center in Shanghai. The center is specially supported by a foreign consultant, including pre-sales, after-sales support and inquiry support before product purchase. (hard rock)

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