The hottest solid waste law was revised to 500000

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After the revision of the solid waste law, it was changed to 500000 cases


● since 2019, waste plastics from any source have been included in the catalogue of solid waste prohibited from import

● in order to resolutely crack down on the smuggling of "foreign garbage", the General Administration of Customs launched the "blue sky 2019" special action to continuously strengthen supervision, especially the source supervision and follow-up inspection

● the strictest inspection was carried out on the import of solid waste at the port. At the site of large container inspection equipment, machine inspection shall be carried out for all solid waste imports. There is no system to automatically reset after waiting for 10 seconds. There is a large container inspection equipment on site, which can be 100% inspected through manual unloading inspection

in this context, if the recycled particles imported by enterprises are judged as solid waste, it is very different from the situation that the recycled plastic fiber of the Rev brand will be used in the graduation gowns of more than 1100 colleges and universities last year. Before 2019, if the imported recycled particles are judged as solid wastes, they will be imported without permission and used as raw materials as solid wastes subject to import restrictions; After 2019, if imported recycled particles are judged as solid wastes, they are imported solid wastes that are prohibited from import

it is also judged as solid waste, but the classification has changed, and the supervision strength of the Customs has also changed accordingly

recently, some enterprises reported that imported recycled particles were sentenced to solid waste, with a minimum fine of 100000, and as high as 350000. The customs ordered them to return, and also required to pay a return deposit of 10000 yuan per ton. Last year, the amount of fines was relatively small

special note

the customs' supervision of solid waste is based on the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste (hereinafter referred to as the "solid waste law"), which is currently being revised

the current solid waste law stipulates that:

Article 78 violates the provisions of this law by dumping and stacking the solid waste of the Chinese people outside the Republic of China for 3D printing parts in commercial and military aircraft, space and industrial fields. "Frank kerstan, global project manager of Henkel adhesive technology business unit, said that it was disposed of, Whoever imports solid waste that is prohibited from import or imports solid waste that is restricted from import without permission as raw materials shall be ordered by the customs to return the solid waste and may also be fined not less than 100000 yuan but not more than onemillion yuan; If a crime is constituted, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. If the importer is unknown, the carrier shall bear the cost of returning the solid waste or the disposal cost of the solid waste

the revised draft of the solid waste law stipulates that:

Article 92 where solid waste outside the territory of the people's Republic of China is imported into China in violation of the provisions of this law, the customs shall order the return of the solid waste and impose a fine of not less than 500000 yuan but not more than 5million yuan

the carrier shall be jointly and severally liable with the importer for the return and disposal of solid waste specified in the preceding paragraph

it can be seen from the above provisions that the punishment for the import of prohibited solid waste is significantly increased, which is 5 times the amount of the previous fine. In other words, if the recycled particles imported by enterprises are unfortunately judged as solid waste, they will face high fines

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