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Consumption tax on solid wood flooring stimulates sales of bamboo flooring

in April, consumption tax was levied on solid wood flooring. This seems to be good news for bamboo flooring manufacturers. The reason is obvious. The price of solid wood flooring will rise, and the flooring without price rise will naturally gain many competitive advantages. As a result, it seems that overnight, bamboo floors are overwhelming and appear in the vision of consumers. Less than 10 days after the consumption tax was levied, bamboo flooring in Anji, Zhejiang and other places turned their attention from the foreign market to the domestic market, which seemed to have the ambition of "making a big deal and making a lot of money". Le Yejun, Secretary General of Anji Bamboo Industry Association, said optimistically; "After the solid wood floor is taxed, the average cost of a family decoration will increase by about 2000 yuan. Domestic consumers who choose bamboo floors will definitely increase." Will the future of bamboo flooring really be as beautiful as he said? Can bamboo floor laugh to the end and replace the position of solid wood floor in people's hearts

as Le Yejun said, after the solid wood floor is taxed, the average household decoration will increase by about 2000 yuan. He also believes that many people will "abandon solid wood for bamboo". However, some insiders said that the real Vicat softening (1) now the extruder usually uses the electric heating hot spot experimental machine experimental principle. The target customers of wood flooring itself are high-end consumer groups, and the floor consumption is similar to residential consumption. They all buy at one time and enjoy products for decades, so the extra 2000 yuan and even higher decoration costs will not dampen people's desire to buy to a great extent

in addition, insiders said that the rise in the price of solid wood flooring is not the direct factor that bamboo will not only bring a lot of money losses, but also the popularity of flooring. The "charm" of bamboo flooring itself is the key to determine whether it is popular

so, what kind of flooring product is bamboo flooring

a boss engaged in bamboo flooring business in Anji, Zhejiang Province told that compared with solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring has the characteristics of high resistance, strong hardness, good insect, moth, moisture and crack prevention effects, and the price is relatively low. Based on the current average market price, the price of bamboo flooring per square meter is about 30 yuan to 100 yuan cheaper than that of solid wood flooring. In addition, the thermal conductivity of bamboo is very good. The use of bamboo flooring can make the indoor warm in winter and cool in summer. In terms of color and lustre, there is a layer of paint on the surface of bamboo floor, and the feeling of the surface layer is the same as that of solid wood floor. Moreover, because they are not afraid of dry or wet, bamboo flooring is applicable in both the South and the north

this is also really strange. It has been 89 years since the advent of bamboo flooring. Compared with solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring is still better everywhere. Moreover, bamboo has always had a high position in the hearts of the Chinese people. The ancients said that they would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo. Then why has bamboo flooring with so many advantages not been as popular as solid wood flooring so far? After interviewing several consumers who use bamboo flooring in decoration, we learned that bamboo flooring is not as perfect as many people say. Specifically, the abrasion resistance of bamboo floor paint film is not as good as composite floor, that is, bamboo floor is easy to fall off paint. Others reported that using bamboo floors in winter would make your feet feel cold. In addition, some bamboo floors will become moldy due to dampness, crack due to dryness, and appear delamination due to the influence of sunlight and humidity. In addition, the quality of bamboo flooring will vary greatly due to different bamboo ages, which also puts forward higher requirements for consumers' discrimination. Compared with solid wood flooring, the texture of bamboo flooring seems to be slightly inferior. Perhaps it is these shortcomings that hinder the expansion of the bamboo floor market

although "the public says the public is reasonable, the female says the female is reasonable", what kind of products bamboo flooring is depends on different brands. Many bamboo flooring brands aim at the shortcomings of bamboo flooring and improve the process in the production process. For example, through cooking and carbonization process, the floor color is not only fresh and gorgeous, but also never moldy and deteriorated; Large hydraulic press is used for hot pressing forming, so that the bamboo body will not deform for life; The full-automatic paint line is used to spray the board surface, so that the paint surface is smooth and bright, with strong adhesion, good hardness, and improved wear resistance coefficient

in addition, some shortcomings of bamboo flooring will become unique advantages in the eyes of some consumers. For example, people's feet feel cooler, which can just alleviate fatigue and refresh. This is undoubtedly a great advantage for many people who are in a sub-health state and busy at the same time

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