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The first quarter of the ups and downs of China Construction machinery information has passed, and SAIC Hongyan marketing officers have ushered in a more vigorous second quarter. Recently, Chengdu Sales Service Center organized and held the second quarter marketing meeting and Marketing Committee of Sichuan region, Summarize and sort out the work in the first quarter, discuss and arrange the work in the second quarter, discuss and publish various special war work, deploy work objectives and work directions, summarize market behaviors, optimize various market behaviors and orders, and urge dealers to cooperate, win and climb the peak together

at the meeting, Chen Jing, general manager of Chengdu Sales Service Center, summarized the regional marketing work in the first quarter. Although there are still differences between the performance of our [wood plastic] composite flooring and wood flooring, he commented on the operations of each dealer, analyzed the gains and losses of the operations of various models, guided dealers to refine the market, did not give up any opportunity, and continued to explore potential markets and opportunity markets under the white hot competition pattern in the second quarter, Let the profit terminal, increase the actual sales, seize the market share, form a virtuous circle, and arrange the work objectives of the second quarter

then, the tractor and dump truck in the second quarter were divided into different models one by one, and the landing plan and implementation method were discussed from the aspects of customer groups, job opportunities, business policies and so on. In particular, how to implement the promotion plan, low interest and discount plan close to the market for the tractor and dump truck, and really guide the terminal to pay attention to and buy were discussed in depth. Dealers will reduce the amount of graphene added to 1/510 of the earliest samples available, and actively make suggestions and suggestions based on the characteristics of their respective regions

manager Cao Rui of the financial management department, who made a special trip to cooperate with the support work, also communicated and confirmed with dealers according to the visits in various regions, and together formed a competitive, executable and supervised interest free and discount scheme for the terminal, and quickly spread it to the terminal through, store promotion and visit promotion, in order to produce effects quickly

at the meeting, for the brutal market competition, the dealers and the office discussed how to strengthen the maintenance of regional market order, strengthen the internal order management, prevent external nuisance, and quickly respond to the needs of market members under the new situation. The following (1) * procedures were revised, mainly to inspect the surface quality and size specifications of profiles, the articles of association of the market committee, elect the leading members of the new market committee, and clarify the team members, Form a democratic arbitration mechanism, unite as one, and make progress together

the meeting lasted one day, and the on-site discussion atmosphere was positive and enthusiastic. Finally, all the work and deployment were successfully implemented, which greatly encouraged the dealers' determination to fight bravely and seize the market. They all expressed their determination to fight for the second quarter and vowed to achieve their goals

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