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SolidWorks starts the discovery journey of "green design"

green design requires product designers to consider the impact of products on the environment in the design process, which requires designers to have a certain awareness of environmental protection, as well as a variety of professional knowledge such as materials, electronics, machinery and so on. Facing the bottleneck of professional knowledge, it is difficult for designers to achieve the "greening" of products with conventional design methods, Therefore, green design must be supported by corresponding design tools

using computer-aided design software can realize the virtualization of design, production and engineering, shorten the product development cycle, save manufacturing costs, and consider the impact of products on the environment, which is of great significance to effectively save resources and protect the ecological environment

As an advocate of green design, DS SolidWorks provides designers with many convenient information means to explore and solve the impact of designed products on the environment, and has become an important tool for the implementation of green design

first, paperless resource saving

the use of paper in enterprises is very amazing. A lot of paper is used in the reports, documents and SOPs in the implementation of new products. Enterprises with low informatization often spend a lot of money on paper every year. It is well known that the pollution of papermaking and the scrapping of paper after use is huge, Therefore, a large number of paper consumption will undoubtedly add a greater burden to the environment

1.1 automatic generation of electronic reports

ds SolidWorks can automatically generate (in the format of eDrawings and HTM) engineering drawing files and simulation result reports, and support the review and annotation of documents. Designers can publish these documents electronically, which improves the work efficiency of designers and reduces paper waste. These functions have created the necessary conditions for the green design of enterprises

automatically generate electronic reports in lightweight format

1.2. Three dimensional visual eDrawings facilitate the transmission of design information

edrawings launched by DS SolidWorks is an extremely compressed, self extracting and browsing special file that can be sent by email. Using eDrawings, designers do not need to print drawings and make paper engineering documents for approval. EDrawings is a convenient tool for anyone who needs to share data and work together with other members of the design team

edrawings 3D CAD technology based on e-mail can enable countless recipients to provide feedback and collaborate on designers' product design data through the web. Designers can solve the problem of collaborative communication by using a large amount of paper through email. In a sense, the emergence of eDrawings has greatly reduced the pressure of manufacturing enterprises on the environment

edrawings interface

II. Digital three-dimensional model green design pacemaker

in the green design link of products, the digital modeling of products plays a very important role and significance. Through the digital model, designers can intuitively express the structural features of products, and simplify the structural shape of products on the premise of meeting the functional requirements and use requirements, Try to reduce the number of parts and materials that make up the product

in order to ensure the green environmental protection and recyclability of products, it is necessary to reduce the assembly and disassembly costs of products. Designers can reduce the number of fasteners in the disassembled parts as much as possible by adopting the connection method that is easy to disassemble in the process of product digital modeling, and intuitively realize it through three-dimensional information software

2.1 through convenient feature modeling, the three-dimensional digital model of the product is generated.

convenient feature modeling is mainly manifested in that SolidWorks software provides a complete set of humanized dynamic interfaces, and can use the mouse to drag and modify, simplifying the operation and use of the software, so that designers can focus more on developing products, rather than looking for feature buttons in the messy interface. Through user customization or intelligent recognition, part feature modification can be carried out faster

using SolidWorks' convenient feature modeling and model authenticity, designers and engineers can more effectively model products and simulate the entire engineering system, accelerate product design and production cycle, and thus realize the "greening" of products

convenient operation

in addition, in order to ensure the reusability of product parts and avoid unnecessary waste pollution, the total profit of papermaking enterprises decreased from 83.78 billion in 2017 to 76.64 billion in 2018, it is necessary to ensure the standardization of parts. The feature template launched by DS SolidWorks provides many standard parts and standard features. Designers can directly use the feature template for product design and share it with colleagues, which provides a good reference standard for the green design of product structure and reduces the impact on the environment

intuitive operation interface

2.2 lifelike digital model reduces the production of prototype

in the design process, the production process and cycle of prototype are very long. Whether it is the design parts completed by rapid prototyping such as CNC, SLS, SLA or the overall physical prototype for review, the labor, material and financial resources consumed in this process are huge, and after use, they are disposed of as scrap, It also causes certain pollution to the environment

the digital model completed by SolidWorks can effectively display the conceptual design, reduce the production cost of the prototype, inspect whether the value indicated by the instrument pointer on the experimental machine instigates the panel is abnormal, and quickly put the product into the market. Take advantage of the convenient and high-quality rendering function provided by photoworks to produce pictures with real texture and visual effects, and release them to customers. Reduce the production cost of samples and shorten the time to market. Before the products are put into production, we can test the effect of the market and reduce the time to put on the market

using three-dimensional solid modeling software, the design is more intuitive, and the actual three-dimensional model is effectively conveyed and retained through parts or assemblies, which can effectively shorten the design time and shorten the manufacturing cycle, which is also an embodiment of green design

3.3 Mechatronics design is stable and green design quality

high quality products can often prolong the service life of products. At the same time, in the manufacturing process, it also avoids the scrap of materials and parts caused by poor rework of products, especially electronic components, which will produce a large number of toxic substances and serious pollution. In order to achieve high quality and low scrap of products, reduce the pressure on the environment, and complete the green design of the whole life cycle of products, this puts forward higher requirements for designers to carry out the concurrent design of mechatronics

electronic circuit and mechanical design are independent of each other, which is easy to make the designed products have interference or matching problems between electronic components and metal mechanisms and cannot be assembled, so that the products produced have great potential quality hazards and are also potential sources of environmental pollution. In order to solve this problem, DS SolidWorks acquired priwarelimited, the developer of circuitworks software, and launched SolidWorks premium Mechatronics solution in 2008, which built an electronic design and mechanical design integration platform for engineers. Mechanical engineers can include PCB design in the real model, so that engineers can use 3D digital model to visually inspect the mechanism, all components and wiring, It greatly improves the accuracy of the assembly in the manufacturing process, reduces errors, ensures product quality, reduces prototyping, and simplifies the development process

Mechatronics model

as products become increasingly "intelligent" and "complex", electronic components have increasingly become the main driving factor of design. The boundary between the electronic industry and the mechanical industry has become increasingly blurred. The combination of SolidWorks and circuitworks has greatly promoted the development of Mechatronics design, made the designed products more stable, and reduced the pressure on the environment. In addition, in the green design of products, in addition to Mechatronics design, simulation analysis also plays an important role. The simulation solution of SolidWorks has input the green blood of life for products

third, design simulation to build "green" products

due to the cost and regulatory issues, more and more confusion has been brought to designers, and the choice of materials and geometric shapes has become more and more complex. Simulation analysis software can be automated and simplified to help designers correctly evaluate the impact of the selected design, and quickly try a variety of hypothetical schemes, so as to optimize various user-defined factors. It can optimize the utilization rate of materials, improve the quality of products on the basis of different fixtures, and just ensure that products will not fail under normal operating conditions. Simulation analysis software aided research can make effective use of resources and reduce the pressure of products on the environment

the design simulation of SolidWorks simulation can help designers complete a series of analysis and Simulation of the digital model of products. By defining the material, constraint and load of the product, it is convenient to analyze the stress of the mechanical model without expensive and time-consuming field experiments, which not only accelerates the time to market of the product and reduces the design cost, but also finds the optimal design scheme through simulation optimization, which can better control the use of materials

solidworks simulation simulation analysis

in SolidWorks simulation professional edition, there are also more powerful tools to support virtual simulation. In addition to the design simulation function contained in SolidWorks simulation software, you can also study more parts and assembly test and operation environments, complete virtual test environment and optimize empirical design tools, For example, simulate the vibration and drop experiments in the accident of product transportation and handling

for example, now people use powerful electronic products, whose electronic component assembly density is generally large, and often lead to many electrical failures due to poor heat dissipation of the product structure. SolidWorks' fluid analysis software flowworks can conduct thermal analysis on digital models, so as to help designers find heat dissipation solutions to stabilize product quality and better put products into the consumer market

fluid analysis software flowworks

through the solution of simulation analysis, designers can deeply analyze whether the material selection of products is appropriate for environmental protection, whether the waste of material resources is serious, and whether the quality of products is qualified. It can be seen that green design runs through many disciplines. When facing the communication problems in multidisciplinary collaborative design in green design, DS SolidWorks also put forward its own solutions

fourth, collaborative design to build a green design platform

if you want to consider ecological design at the design stage, the design process requires the integration of electronic knowledge, material science, structural design, chemistry and environmental knowledge, which requires a greater use of multidisciplinary collaborative design

in addition, in the process of product design, it is also necessary to communicate with production, procurement, quality assurance, industrial engineering, business and other departments to evaluate all aspects of the product, so as to ensure the rapid, high-quality and low scrap online production of the product, and minimize the impact on the environment in the whole product life cycle. These all need a good platform for people from different functional departments of the enterprise to communicate

SolidWorks' 3D meeting is built for us

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