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Avaya joins hands with Tencent to move the enterprise contact center towards "Internet +"

the two sides will jointly promote the integration with enterprise customer service centers, bring new experiences to consumers, and promote the digital transformation of enterprises

Zhuhai, March 24, 2016 -- the world's leading enterprise communication system The technological progress of a plastic granulator, a software and service provider, is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. Vaya and Tencent, China's leading Internet service provider, jointly announced today that they will carry out strategic cooperation to integrate Tencent enterprises and Avaya contact center solutions, so as to become an important channel for enterprises to serve customers, so as to meet the service needs of consumers in the era of mobile Internet, And promote the digital transformation of enterprises

according to the agreement, both parties will jointly carry out relevant research and development, including the development of audio and video on the platform and integrated communication capabilities, as well as the integration with enterprise customer service centers. The two sides will also cooperate in marketing. Avaya and Tencent signed relevant strategic cooperation agreements at the 2016 Avaya Greater China user forum and Partner Conference in Zhuhai

as the most popular instant messaging software in China, Tencent has more than 800million users; Avaya is a leading contact center solution provider in the global and Chinese markets. The cooperation between the two sides will promote the development of all media contact centers in the Chinese market and help enterprises provide consumers with more flexible, convenient and personalized services

in combination with Avaya's leading contact center technology, enterprises can directly map the existing voice IVR menus to the and realize the visual menu function. For example, if you want to send express mail, consumers can open it, enter the service interface of the company from the yellow page, click, select the sending service according to the pop-up visual menu, and fill in the relevant information. In the whole process, there will be no cumbersome voice menu options in the usual self-service voice service

consumers can also perform other operations after dialing, such as scanning the barcode of express and tracking express. Of course, he can also choose to communicate with customer service personnel in real time

in addition, consumers can scan the QR code of express companies to activate enterprises with different legal efficiency. Depending on Avaya's all media contact center program, Avaya's interactive information among consumers can be integrated with the information of the express company in other channels. In this way, consumers will have a consistent experience of the services they receive from different channels

chen Wei, President of Avaya Greater China, said: with the development of mobile Internet and big data technology focusing on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the plastic processing industry, the enterprise contact center market is facing great changes, and one of the most important trends is all media. This means that enterprises need to integrate the information of various service channels including voice, network, SMS, instant messaging, etc., use big data for analysis, and make accurate portraits of customers as the basis for providing high-level and intelligent services. As the most popular communication software in China, Tencent can become a very important part of all media services. We are glad to cooperate with Tencent. This is an important moment for China's contact center market

xianyecheng, general manager of Tencent instant messaging product department, said: customers "IRex T92... Was selected because the key to its excellent compressive strength service is user experience. Tencent enterprises have the functions of visual interface, integrated communication, high user retention, unified service image, etc., so that users can complete all service operations on the Internet. Compared with the traditional enterprise customer service center, it has greatly improved the user experience and reduced the cost of the enterprise. This cooperation with Avaya will be of great significance to both sides.

In Tencent

Tencent is an Internet-based instant messaging platform launched by Tencent. Its main user platform is computer-based and end-to-end. It supports all-round communication and social functions such as chat, voice call, video, and (offline) file transfer. Users can switch between computers and wireless terminals freely and seamlessly. According to the financial report of Tencent in the third quarter of 2015, the number of monthly active accounts reached 860million; Among them, the monthly active users of intelligent terminals reached 639million

it has put forward a new idea of "happy in communication", realized better mobile social networking, entertainment and life experience, and demonstrated strong commercialization energy. Voice calls, videos, games, colorful bubbles, original expressions, file transmission, personalized themes, reading, flash photos, people nearby and other functions have been popular among users, meeting the communication and sharing needs in different scenarios

about avaya

avaya is a leading supplier of enterprise and customer engagement solutions. It is committed to improving customer experience, efficiency and enterprise performance through a variety of channels and equipment. Avaya has the world's leading contact center, unified communication technology and services, and can provide a variety of flexible deployment methods, facilitating seamless integration with other applications. Avaya engagement development platform enables third parties to develop and customize enterprise applications to enhance their competitive advantage. Avaya matrix network solution helps to simplify and accelerate the deployment of key enterprise applications and services

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