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Avcon UCC: create a perfect application of omni-directional integration on September 3, 2014

integration, which is the general trend of the 3G era. With the rapid development of 3G mobile Internet and intelligent industry, communication, Internet and it have shown a trend of mutual integration. Cross platform, cross terminal and cross network applications have gradually become an important industry development trend. Various communication tools and social media are integrated together, which greatly releases people's communication needs. Video conference, as a remote communication tool, has developed rapidly and matured with the active promotion of "three convergence" and the strong popularization and promotion of 3G public and private. From the initial change of the traditional conference mode to the fundamental change of people's communication mode, it has undergone tremendous development and profound changes in technology and the application of relevant technical parameters

nowadays, traditional video conference systems are facing the objective requirements of converged communication, and standard convergence and protocol convergence have become the mainstream trend of traditional video conference in the future. As a leading multimedia communication system provider, we believe that the future competition is not price competition, but whether it can meet the needs of the development of the times and provide the ultimate experience and the most convenient services for end users. Warburg Pincus always pursues excellence. Under the general trend of "three integration" development, and according to the requirements of modern enterprise collaborative office and unified collaborative communication, Warburg Pincus takes the lead in designing avcon UCC unified collaborative communication system with strong integration advantages

avcon UCC unified collaborative communication system is a multimedia communication system that can realize multi-service and multi-functional comprehensive integration applications. It integrates video should be adjusted or cleaned, conference, video monitoring, emergency command and scheduling, instant messaging, video on demand, VoIP, network fax and other applications. It has the innovative characteristics of low bandwidth consumption, large capacity group, intelligent network adaptation, high fidelity video and audio, combination of software and hardware, and multi service integration. The system can fully cover a variety of application environments such as office desktop, conference room, production site and public places, fully meet the needs of work, conference, production and scheduling, and can be widely used in various industries such as government, military, banking, insurance, telecommunications, it, medical treatment, energy and manufacturing

the integration advantages of avcon UCC unified collaborative communication system are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

service integration: the system can simultaneously realize the integrated application of video conference, video monitoring, emergency command, instant messaging, video on demand, VoIP, network fax, GPS positioning and other services, so that users can enjoy the services that can only be realized on multiple platforms in the past, Fully experience the flexibility and convenience brought by unified collaborative communication

Network Convergence: the system supports the transmission of IP network, government enterprise specialized network, Internet, satellite network, 3G Telecom and various wireless networks, and can meet the separate or mixed access mode, so that applications can be carried out anytime, anywhere and unimpeded

equipment integration: the system supports video conference equipment, conference equipment, video monitoring equipment, PC,,, pad and other equipment. It should be able to conduct comprehensive access and integration application of pressure tests on coal and rock, so that the video conference relying on PC as the carrier can break away from the single terminal mode and truly become a conference out of the conference room

data fusion: the system supports the fusion application of a variety of data services, such as electronic whiteboard, PPT sharing, screen sharing, document sharing, electronic voting, electronic hand raising, document collaborative modification, conference reservation, electronic map, etc. the powerful data auxiliary function greatly enriches the user's communication means, so that there is no distance between communication

avcon UCC unified collaborative communication system architecture

avcon UCC unified collaborative communication system has created a precedent of unified collaborative communication based on video. This solution has been successfully introduced to the market and has been well applied in many fields such as government, finance, education, electric power, engineering construction, etc. This new business model not only provides great convenience for customers, but also reduces users' work costs and improves management efficiency

in the future development, Warburg Pincus will continue to follow the trend of "three integration" development, starting from its own advantages, continuously improve the company's innovation level and R & D strength, adhere to the innovation, so as to meet the changing needs of customers and create greater business opportunities for customers

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