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Avaya aura contact center integrated multi-channel contact center solution

beyond call - allows customers to flexibly establish contact through text, Im, e-mail or chat

contact them in the way customers expect; Manage all your other communication channels like incoming and outgoing voice interaction, e.g. e-mail, chat, s can produce transparent ABS resin m with good weather resistance, heat aging resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, cold resistance, flame retardancy, twists and cracks resistance, s, Im and social media; Use this comprehensive multi-channel contact center solution to ensure that callers can connect to the most appropriate service resources every time they contact you; Support your customer service representative to create a unique customer experience with rich real-time and historical context information; Reduce contact center expenses through low-cost channels; At the same time, with consistent high-efficiency and personalized technology, we are also constantly building a brand image in the progressive unified experience and consolidating customer loyalty

1. Manage all customer interactions with a single interface

expand customer interactions to low-cost channels, such as chat and sms/text, to reduce the number of calls, improve work efficiency, and manage all interactions through a single agent desktop interface

2. Support customers' channel preferences

do you know? 82% of consumers said they hoped that enterprises would always provide a variety of communication and service channels. Now you can meet the expectations of these customers

3. Providing seamless customer experience across channels

68% of consumers who need to configure a regulated power supply say they hope that the information they provide to the enterprise through one channel can also be used in other channels. Now, you can share various details across different contact channels, such as customer interaction history, pop-up window data, etc., to achieve a personalized customer experience

improve the work efficiency of customer service representatives

configure the desktop of customer service representatives so that they can manage up to six different types of interactions simultaneously through one interface. For example, a customer service representative can receive e-mail or SMS messages while processing a web chat. In their own desktop, they can view relevant customer data and customer history in all interactive channels. All the information they need is at their fingertips to ensure that your customers enjoy the best service experience

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