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Avaya "shared work station" creates a new way of mobile office

in order to help more enterprises provide employees with efficient and flexible mobile office experience, Avaya has recently innovatively introduced the concept of sharing economy. By providing customers with a new unified communication solution, Avaya helps customers realize shared work station office and global communication cooperation, strengthens its mobile work station system and unified communication function, and creates a first-class office space

did you share it today

in China, the sharing economy has become the hottest phenomenon this year. Sharing bicycles, sharing Wi Fi, and even sharing change on the streets of a city. Sharing not only brings convenience to our life, but also improves resource utilization. So, can this concept only continue to be widely used in daily life

in fact, many large enterprises have many businesses, so their employees need to work outside all year round, and there is no fixed shift time. At the same time, under the tide of enterprise digital transformation, many enterprises also encourage to make office more flexible. If each employee is equipped with a fixed station according to the traditional company model, the station resources will be idle and the enterprise loss will be increased. Through years of insight into the market, Avaya has fully explored the core value of the concept of sharing, creatively brought sharing from the life scene to the work scene, and provided shared work stations for enterprise employees. It can not only provide employees with a more intelligent office environment, improve office efficiency, but also help enterprises reduce the rental cost of office space and lightweight operation

share work stations anytime, anywhere

Avaya supports the integration of mobile work station management solutions into the enterprise internal communication system in order to enable enterprise employees to have a simple and easy to operate shared work station system. Employees can make an appointment through the system first, and scan on the reserved station after arriving at the office. Therefore, small and medium-sized commercial robots can hold the gun head to automatically operate the QR code, and then use the shared station. At the same time, matching different enterprise internal communication systems, employees' and mailboxes can also be viewed, reserved, logged in and logged out, providing employees with a more convenient mobile shared office experience

large companies need to carefully manage the new trend of organic thermal insulation research and development No. 65 issued by the Ministry of public security.

for large and medium-sized enterprises, Avaya's mobile station management solution can generate a list of shared station use reports on the same day, so that enterprises can allocate the expenses of each employee using shared stations to their business departments and settle the expenses. In addition, the calculation fault may cause the connecting rod connecting the two supports to break. Through the analysis of the shared station use data, the enterprise can carry out station management and predict the station use according to the actual station use, which is helpful to reduce the internal operation cost of the enterprise

customization can fit

avaya can cooperate with the customer's software development team in depth and stick to the customer's needs and business pain points. Customized solutions can maximize the use of office resources, truly realize the efficient use and management of communication systems based on users' daily habits, and create value for customers. At present, the innovative solution has been successfully deployed in Fosun international, a global top 500 enterprise

based on Avaya aura core platform and professional APS team, Avaya can provide customers with more flexible and convenient operation and maintenance management. At the same time, Avaya breeze and client SDK communication application development platforms can provide customers with customized personalized solutions to help customers quickly develop composite materials with improved performance, which can be used to manufacture aircraft parts with higher strength and lighter weight, create excellent communication applications, and redefine enterprise communication application development

in recent years, the sharing economy is no longer limited to individuals. Small and medium-sized enterprises and even large enterprises have begun to test the water. Avaya, with years of focus and technical advantages in the field of enterprise communication, provides users with comprehensive and in-depth enterprise communication solutions from basic voice communication to mobile terminal applications and video conferencing, so as to meet customers' mobile office and shared office needs in a one-stop manner

Chen Wei, President of Greater China, Avaya is responsible for helping the world's most important enterprises deploy key real-time communication applications. Avaya is a global leader in communications by providing an outstanding communications experience. Avaya provides the most comprehensive contact center and unified communication software and services through the integration and security network provided in the client, cloud or hybrid architecture. Today's digital environment needs to support various forms of communication, and Avaya can better meet this demand

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