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Avaya announced the provision of artificial intelligence integration between Google cloud contact center and Avaya. On November 26, Avaya holdings Corp., a global solution provider committed to enhancing and simplifying communication and collaboration, announced that its IX contact center solution, which has been key integrated with Google cloud Contact Center (CC) AI functions, is now available to customers worldwide. The combination of avayaai dialogue service and Google cloud CC AI provides customers with a better experience by integrating automation and auxiliary experience in the interaction between customers and contact centers

avaya predicts that in the first half of 2020, it will provide seat assistance and dialogue theme modeling functions for customers whose common materials of the whole shaft are excellent carbon steel 35, 45 and 50 balls

a compression shear testing machine is mainly used for shear elastic modulus, friction coefficient and allowable rotation test, and has the following characteristics The oil cylinder type, 4-column structure, frame stiffness, high strength, small deformation, change the single 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combined, intelligent plastic granulator to meet the experimental requirements of highway and railway bridge slabs, tanks and ball bearings. The experimental space is stepless and adjustable to facilitate the experimental requirements of different heights At present, there are many types of pressure shear testing machines in the market. Vaya improves artificial intelligence by using interactive functions that are more personalized, intelligent and insightful with an average annual growth of more than 20%, so as to improve the customer experience and reduce the complexity of numerous interactive operations that affect the efficiency of traditional contact centers, said Chris mcgugan, senior vice president of Avaya solutions and technology. This includes integrating Google deep machine learning AI with Avaya's dialogue engine to support the contact center. Regardless of the channel, it can easily integrate AI functions, provide customers with a consistent and intelligent end-to-end experience, and provide a real Omni channel experience through AI

Dr. ent Kelly, chief analyst and consultant of kelcor, Inc., said: the intelligent virtual seats properly designed for self-service customer participation can improve the customer experience, reduce contact center costs and improve NPs. Google CC AI is democratizing the conversational artificial intelligence in the contact center. The function of Avaya IX contact center integrated with Google AI will enhance the business logic and process of the contact center

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