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Avaya released a new integration with salesforce service cloud

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cti Forum () news on November 21 (compilation/old Qin): Avaya, a global supplier of customer involved solutions, announced a new integration with salesforce service cloud, combined with contact center solutions and CRM environment, to provide Omni channel functions for existing and new deployments

avaya CRM connector 2.0 builds a bridge between traditional and new deployments in the next five years. It implements a single user interface (UI) through salesforce lightning service console, embeds Omni channel controls, and improves agent efficiency and customer experience

at the beginning of 2018, Avaya plans to further improve the omni channel experience by extending its Oceana contact center function to the salesforce service cloud. This will make it easy to integrate additional customer insight and intelligence with context based workflows, including customer journeys, in the salesforce lightning user experience, such as wooden columns, wooden frames, wooden beams, wooden stairs, etc

focusing on the customer experience is as important as the air we breathe. Avaya understands that any inconvenience will affect the future of the relationship between customers and the enterprise. Laurent P, senior vice president and general manager of Avaya solutions and technology, said in order to simply evaluate the performance of its torque measuring system. With the help of salesforce, our goal is to help our customers provide great experience for their customers, build loyalty and long-term. These works are the customer value of glue and screw bonding period, so that every enterprise can thrive

as more and more enterprises focus on providing special experiences, customer engagement is undergoing a major shift, said Jon aniano, senior vice president of products for salesforce service cloud. The contact center is the core and soul of an enterprise, which can determine the relationship between customers and enterprises. Through the cooperation with Avaya, it is easier than ever for us to enable enterprises to provide truly differentiated customer service

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