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Avaya: Merry Christmas! Let's pick up and track Santa Claus together

are cookies and milk ready? okay! Is the Christmas tree lit? Light up! Are the socks on? Hang up! So there's only one question left. Where is Santa Claus

about 60 years ago, a department store opened a Santa Claus. Just dial the number and you can track Santa Claus. Unfortunately, the number is wrong! A 6-year-old boy beat him to a commander of the operation center of the continental air defense command in Colorado, USA; Since then, there has been an endless stream of similar

the children who came here were full of expectations for Santa Claus. Of course, the commander did not want to ruin their beautiful holiday, so he ordered his subordinates to tell each other the latest trip of Santa Claus. A special tradition has been formed since then: the North American air defense command (NORAD) Tracks Santa Claus. Until 64 years later, this project is still active. In response to public calls, the North American air defense command operations center, which supports Peterson air force base, Avaya's mission critical customer engagement Technology (there is no need to carry them.

this is a big project. Thousands of volunteers should carefully monitor the whereabouts of Santa Claus. After all, according to the calculation of researchers, Santa Claus must run 1280 miles per second to ensure that all children in the world can get gifts. Using the radar, satellites, aircraft and Santa cameras strategically deployed around the world, volunteers should ensure that Santa Claus has a safe journey. Christmas During the 20 hours around the night, the whereabouts information will be shared with the caller in real time

the magic of Christmas is like this. In today's digital age, in addition to writing letters, children have more ways to participate in this wonderful journey of tracking the whereabouts of Santa Claus, and imagine how Santa Claus's sleigh crosses the night sky. Every Christmas Eve, it is a festival highlight for many men, women and children all over the world, flocking from all directions

2018, in just 20 hours, more than 1500 volunteers answered a record 137158 questions for NORAD Santa tracking hi NORAD. NORAD Santa Claus tracking station in eight languages recorded 15.1 million visits. More than 1.5 million people asked their Alexa devices hey, Alexa, where is Santa Claus, More than 10000 people asked to track Santa Claus through the anjixing vehicle system. These figures are expected to increase this year, and our contact center technology is already well prepared for this. The 64th NORAD Santa Claus tracking activity this year will start at 4:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve (December 24), mountain time, and end at 12:00 a.m. on Christmas day

avaya and NORAD work together

norad's Avaya government solution for tracking Santa Claus has the same deployment in other government agencies. In other words, this technology has been widely tested by the joint interoperability test command of the US Department of defense, proving that it can also track Santa Claus with ease

this Christmas, you can join the happy Santa Claus tracking journey together through the following ways:

call NORAD Santa Claus tracking: -hi-norad

it is especially suitable for outdoor environments to visit NORAD Santa Claus tracking station and enjoy rich content, including family fun games, video clips, Santa Claus introduction, etc.

. The story behind NORAD Santa's tracking has come true today. Whether it's a child eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to deliver the perfect gift, a traveler to confirm a hotel reservation, or a bank customer to ask for an account charge. Every interaction should be wonderful, and every experience must be crucial

in a sense, every day in Avaya is like Christmas. Just as Santa Claus visits door-to-door on Christmas Eve, we deal with millions of customer calls, web exchanges and text chats around the world every day, and provide services for many of the world's top banks, medical systems, airlines, etc. NORAD Santa Claus tracking project is one of them, which makes us very proud

in many parts of the world, NORAD Santa tracking is a precious tradition. If you haven't participated, you might as well try to update the extruder product this year. No matter who you spend Christmas with, we believe you can enjoy it

avaya Christmas message activity

activity time: December 24-25, 2019

activity description:

let me track Santa Claus together! Call -hi-norad() and find the trace of Santa Claus

in the comments in the message area. Or, write down your Christmas wishes. Little a will help you tell Santa Claus

scan the QR code, leave a message and like the top five. You will get the prize provided by Xiao A. ~

activity prize: Avaya 2020 customized exquisite notebook

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