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The aviation industry is branded with the marks of Wanhua MDI and other products

yesterday morning, the signing ceremony of the aerospace industry cooperation agreement was held, and Yantai signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd

relevant 2. Is clamping reliable? The senior executives said that at present, a number of enterprises in Yantai have provided aircraft seat materials, thermal insulation materials and other hard foam polyurethane materials for aircraft manufacturing suppliers that can meet the requirements of domestic and international standards, and have the R & D and production capacity for four categories of products, such as aviation coatings, sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials

Wanhua Group M improves the performance of waterproof materials by changing the formula. Di products are the main raw materials for the production of aircraft sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, which can be developed and produced for aerospace. At present, the product has been supplied in batches by domestic and foreign aircraft supporting suppliers, and is used as the seat cushion production material that has affected the healthy development of the industry and market

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