The hottest Avaya completes radvision integration

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Avaya has completed radvision integration and developed into a collaborative company

six months after the acquisition of radvision, Avaya has been integrating the company internally. What will Avaya do in six months

at the same time, Wang Yun stressed that Avaya is transitioning to a real-time collaborative company. Video is a very important part in the collaborative process

for the positioning after the merger and acquisition of Avaya and radvision. Wang Yun said: for the future market with a total capacity of more than 170000 tons/year, we believe that real-time collaboration will be a very important trend in the future. I think it is ready for the bandwidth of telecom operators, the current technology and our users' habits. We are optimistic about this market, which will have a good development in the future. In the past, video conferencing was the main demand for conference systems of large governments, including some large central enterprises. Now we see that some small and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises are using video more and more, especially in the process of economic depression. In fact, the competition between enterprises, in addition to industrial competition and product competition, I think it will be more of a competition of communication efficiency in the future. In addition to the communication between employees within the enterprise, this communication also includes the communication between the enterprise and partners, between the enterprise and end users, and between the enterprise and upstream suppliers

multiple video solutions promote collaboration

avaya also announced that it had launched a series of people-centered video solutions for mobile enterprises, thus realizing a new round of innovation in Avaya's unified communication and collaboration technology. The new video solution includes the scopia of radvision

Chen Wei, technical director of Avaya China, said that the two companies are now merged into one company. How can they be reflected in the products. Our IP office and scopia have been integrated, and more of our products will be integrated in the future. In addition, the future research and development of Avaya UC and radvision video fusion will also be the research and development center in China

avaya users are obviously optimistic about the integration of products of both sides. In the medical industry, reliable communication is very important. Avaya and radvision play an indispensable role in our communication strategy when the adjacent ranges should overlap. We are pleased to see these two companies become one because they are committed to achieving high-quality collaboration that supports open standards and interoperability. Said Kirk Gillis, vice president of renown health

from infrastructure, application to client, Avaya video collaboration solution is highly flexible and economical. It performs well in simplicity, performance, scalability and interoperability, and has obvious differentiation advantages. Avaya acquired radvision in June last year, and integrated relevant technologies into open, standards based video solutions, enabling customers to protect their investment in unified communication and video conferencing while still restoring their samples to their original state, while migrating to the next generation of real-time collaboration

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