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Aveva Jianwei software donated 3D virtual technology to help repair TS Queen Mary. On August 10, 2020, aveva Jianwei software, the global leader of engineering and industrial software in London, UK, donated 3D visual shipbuilding software worth more than 100000 pounds (GBP) for the repair and reconstruction of TS Queen Mary. TS Queen Mary is a landmark ship built in 1933, which is specialized in sailing between Glasgow and western Scotland. Aveva Jianwei software will provide its special solution for shipbuilding and support the repair work of TS Queen Mary charity and Navy architect Brookes bell free of charge. The solution includes integrated 1D, 2D and 3D engineering and design tools

ts Queen Mary has a glorious service history. During the Second World War, she transported at least 13000 passengers a week, and has always been the mainstay of the Clyde river shipping. It is the last existing ship of the same class in the world, and as a national treasure ship, it is listed in the core 40 fleet of the British National Historical Ship Register

Princess Anne of the British royal family is the royal patron of the ship. During World War II, the ship carried King George VI, Queen Mother Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Now the ship is under repair and reconstruction. It will be a historical monument in Glasgow for tourists to visit. It is planned to open to the public in 2022

advanced shipbuilding software: suitable for complex shape acquisition and accurate 3D modeling

ts friends of Queen Mary and Brookes bell use the shipbuilding solution of aveva sword software to collect the complex shape design of the ship, so as to start the repair work. The software they used to use is nonparametric, so it requires a lot of manual input, which increases the potential risk of errors in models and engineering drawings, resulting in more design iterations. Through A-site wear test, the samples made of parts are installed on the machine. Veva Jianwei software is an advanced shipbuilding software. Friends of TS Queen Mary and Brookes bell can carry out precise and detailed 3D modeling on the original ship structure, and then clamp the two ends of the samples on the two clamps of the tensile testing machine. The model is seamlessly connected with the construction drawing and production drawing, so that the shipyard can efficiently obtain the information of the parts to be replaced

aveva Jianwei software provides the world's leading ship software solutions, which are specially used to support the design, production and modification of large-scale and complex projects in the offshore platform and shipbuilding industry. From engineering design to resource management, intelligent production to asset performance management, monitoring and control, aveva Jianwei software provides full life cycle solutions and the most perfect shipbuilding technology in the market, integrating the full life cycle of shipbuilding and operation. After the completion of the design phase, aveva Jianwei software will cooperate with the friends of TS Queen Mary to use the data collected in the process of repairing TS Queen Mary to innovate, which is the foundation and core of the development of the new material industry, to carry out internal training and future product testing, so as to support the ship development in the coming decades

aveva Jianwei software is committed to protecting the historical heritage

aveva Jianwei software CEO Craig Hayman said: aveva Jianwei software is very honored to help the friends of TS Queen Mary repair this ship with a long history. TS Queen Mary is a shining example and supreme honor in the history of British innovation and design. This restoration and preservation project adopts our most advanced software, which is an honor we are proud of. The project will not only enable us to learn more about this historic ship and its famous predecessor, but also provide valuable reference experience and technical knowledge for the future development and repair of similar ships

brookes bell senior naval architect Andy MCGIBBON said: This is an exciting project. With the shipbuilding and marine life cycle solutions of aveva Jianwei software, we can comprehensively innovate the design and repair process, maximize the extreme tensile strength and impact strength, greatly improve the design efficiency and quality, and ensure that the design is correct and the ship is perfectly repaired, so that future generations can see the true face of this legendary cruise ship

Iain SIM, chairman of TS Queen Mary friends, said that obtaining a complete 3D model is a key part of TS Queen Mary's preservation plan. With the support of aveva sword dimension software, we can improve the engineering accuracy and efficiency in the detailed design and steel structure update stages. The British Maritime Department attached great importance to and invested many resources in the restoration of the TS Queen Mary; We sincerely thank the entire aveva Jianwei software team

ts Queen Mary is known as the last survivor of ships of the same class in the world. She is a typical work of the iconic Clyde class steamship. Now the TS Queen Mary has been transformed into a museum. During her service, she was powered by three directly driven steam turbines and could carry 2086 passengers. She was the largest cruise ship on the Clyde river

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