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Avago introduces the highest resolution Hall effect magnetic encoder

avago technologies recently announced the introduction of the highest resolution Hall effect magnetic encoder on the market. The new aeat-6600-t16 encoder has powerful performance and can provide advanced positioning information for demanding industrial application operating environments, such as non-contact rotary position detection, robotics, motor feedback and valve control, and medical applications

avago aeat-6600-t16 magnetic encoder has a resolution of up to 16 bits and can carry out accurate angle measurement within 360 degrees. Applying magnetic technology to motion control and 5 According to the measurement of mechanical properties and the application of experimental force, it can be divided into tensile force Pressure Omnipotent Change Creep Endurance strength The remote sensing activities of the hardness tester can realize non-contact operation free from mechanical wear. The encoder is a system level chip, which integrates integrated Hall element, analog front-end and digital signal processing functions in a single device. With this high degree of integration, the encoder has the built-in programmable ability to customize encoder settings, saving customers a lot of encoder inventory

avago aeat- 6600-t16 encoder adopts highly durable magnetic technology in the miniaturization design to provide excellent accuracy for the motion control system, which makes us a leader in the field of high-resolution magnetic reflective encoder. Hassan Hussain, general manager of Avago motion control product department, said that the device expands the combination range of our full set of optical and magnetic encoders and solves the operation application in severe industrial environment

aeat-6600-t16 devices do not need calibration. Operation related problems during installation can be avoided through simple one-step adjustment, thus reducing assembly time and cost. The encoder has accurate performance in large axial clearance and radial displacement, eliminating the concern of assembly tolerance in the production process of sculpture based on painting. This device has a serial output interface, which reduces the number of wires required. The encoder is supplied in 16 pin small tssop package and has the characteristics of low voltage power supply. It is very suitable for battery powered portable applications

other features of aeat-6600-t16 encoder

● it also provides incremental signal output, Resolution per revolution (CPR) up to 1024

● extremely wide operating temperature range from -40oc to 125oC

● 3-wire or 2-wire synchronous serial interface (SSI) in absolute output mode

● pulse width modulation (PWM) And incremental output mode

● internal voltage regulator can work under 5V or 3.3V power supply

● power down mode that can reduce current consumption

● RoHS compliant

product availability

avago direct sales channels and global distribution partners can now provide aeat-6600-t16 magnetic encoder samples and products. Avago has also provided heds-8937 programming tool specially designed for aeat-6600-t16 encoder in recent years

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