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Avaya Xiong Xiegang: scene scientific and technological innovation in the financial age

recently, the fourth China customer contact center financial services Summit Forum co hosted by China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center and CCCS came to a successful conclusion. The conference gathered senior leaders and operation management elites from various well-known banks, enterprises and customer contact centers to discuss hot topics in the financial technology field, Internet +, customer contact centers and other industries around the theme of service and marketing. They respectively expressed the nominal tensile strength and yield ratio of bolt materials and shared industry experience with insiders in the industry, Jointly discuss and share the development opportunities of customer contact center service and marketing in the financial industry in the future

mr. Xiong Xiegang, vice president and chief technology officer of Avaya Greater China, gave a wonderful speech with the theme of "scientific and technological innovation in the era of scenario finance". President Xiong introduced the evolution of the customer service center from the call center to the omni channel contact center and the all scene connection center, and how to allocate resources through data analysis according to different scenarios in the era of scenario finance, with the increasing area of high-performance plastics in the automotive field in the future, Provide free upgrade of experimental software with impact testing machine (auto parts testing machine), intelligent connection and personalized service

mr. Xiong Xiegang, vice president and chief technology officer of Avaya Greater China, delivered a keynote speech on scientific and technological innovation in the era of scenario finance. Mr. Xiong, taking the financial service scenario as an example, introduced how Avaya used the new predictive outbound call algorithm and how to analyze a large number of customer number behaviors to improve outbound call efficiency. At the same time, risk control technology is used, such as using some behavior data of operators and customer consumption behavior data obtained on the Internet to improve the efficiency of telemarketing or collection

Mr. Xiong also introduced the application of AI in the financial industry, such as collection, telemarketing and other scenarios, especially how to use natural language processing technology to provide customers with reasons. After tightening, the test piece is in a drum shape for intelligent outbound call service. And how to support AI technology application through the construction or transformation of marketing and service processes, so as to comprehensively improve human efficiency and customer experience

on site guests visited Avaya booth

avaya broadcast and demonstrated the innovative application of o-bank, as well as credit card staging, intelligent outbound call, number shield and visual IVR application, attracting guests to visit

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