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2014 autumn China Lanzhou printing & packaging and office equipment exhibition opened in August

[China Packaging News] exhibition Name: 2014 (Autumn) China Lanzhou printing, packaging and office equipment exhibition time: August 24-26, 2014 location: Gansu International Convention and exhibition center organization and support organization: Gansu Administration for Industry and Commerce/Gansu Federation of Commerce/Gansu Printing Technology Association/Gansu Advertising Association in accordance with the idea of independent innovation and breakthrough/Sanli enterprise group/Gansu Ogilvy industry and Trade Co., Ltd./Shaanxi Printing Association/Qinghai, Inner Mongolia Organized by Gansu Sanli Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

[looking back and looking forward]

2014 China Lanzhou printing, packaging and office equipment exhibition has been held for 23 times with the development of the professionalization of the printing market in Northwest China. Along the way, Lanzhou Sanli exhibition organization has planned various industrial exhibition activities with keen market insight, Won the trust and participation of people in the industry; With a wise vision, it has integrated resources and strong publicity, and laid a certain brand charm; With the zeroing method and precautions of professional hydraulic universal testing machine 2. The zeroing precautions of hydraulic universal testing machine, the spirit and tenacious perseverance when the zero point is too large, have consolidated the foundation of development in the baptism of the market. Sanli Lanzhou printing, packaging and office equipment exhibition has become an influential and appealing industry event in Northwest China after 21 years of development and accumulation. Sanli has always maintained a positive, pioneering and innovative spirit, and strives to build Lanzhou printing, packaging and office equipment exhibition into the first exhibition in Northwest China. The 2014 Lanzhou spring printing and office equipment exhibition came to a successful conclusion with a lot of praise. The exhibition area is nearly 12000 square meters, there are more than 500 standard booths, more than 200 exhibitors, and the regional distribution and quality of professional visitors have also been significantly expanded and improved. The number of professional visitors from Gansu and surrounding provinces and cities has exceeded 30000, and the specification has reached a new record. As the organizer, Sanli Convention and exhibition organization, in order to enhance the popularity and influence of the exhibition, vigorously publicized through newspapers, stations, professional magazines, posters, SMS, Weibo, and Mobai before the end of the "1025" plan this year, so as to ensure the quantity and quality of professional visitors. Our work before, during and after the exhibition has been highly praised by our customers

[set sail]

2014 (Autumn) China Lanzhou printing, packaging and office equipment exhibition will be grandly held in Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 24, 2014. On the original basis, the exhibition is scheduled to have an exhibition area of 15000 square meters and 600 standard booths. Standing at another new starting point, Sanli exhibition will continue to forge ahead, explore and innovate, strengthen publicity, and provide better services for exhibitors and professional visitors. (Sanli will continue to reimburse part of the car fee for professional visitors who have successfully purchased equipment from other places.) Sanli exhibition will provide a better trading platform for all friends and open up a broader advertising market in Northwest China

[exhibition time]

the use of plastics in automobiles will be more and more promising exhibition time: August, 2014

exhibition time: August, 2014

opening of the conference: August 24, 2014

withdrawal time: August 26, 2014

[exhibition place]

Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 1, Beibinhe East Road, Lanzhou City)

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