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No matter in which industry, enterprise leaders should always warn themselves that the current market competition is intensifying, and only by constantly advancing with the times can they not be eliminated. In the increasingly fierce competition in the wardrobe industry, how to effectively expand the market and win more profits in the management of wardrobe stores is also a problem that wardrobe dealers need to think about. Wardrobe dealers should grasp the key point of development, and the whole house custom furniture should join dewell

unlimited business opportunities in the wardrobe Market

1 Focus on key markets

this is the fundamental way to solve the problem. Although the competition in the mainstream key markets is increasingly fierce, the capacity of the market is there after all. The size of the cake determines your sales volume. Only by opening the existing mainstream key markets can you further expand your brand

2. Increase the expansion of the third and fourth tier cities

now the market is a market with too many people but too few people. Under the current situation, high-quality dealers should independently consider expanding to the current third and fourth tier cities, and rely on factory resources and their own resources to expand the subordinate market. They can take advantage of the existing high-quality team and take the form of professional managers or store managers to develop the subordinate market, Cultivate and copy, grab more and bigger cakes

3. Do a good job in holiday promotion

nowadays, the market has come to the time of frequent activities, so how to do a good job in each holiday promotion is an opportunity that dealers must grasp. The presentation of activity plans, the formulation of reward and punishment policies, the control of key nodes and the implementation of super execution are the keys to the success or failure of a promotion

comprehensively build the layout of business district

1 Exit from bad business district

it is the so-called "he who gets close to Zhu is red and he who gets close to Mo is black". It is the same with doing business. The state of mind of dealers and the mentality of staff in the store can be infected. A bad business district market will certainly kill the patience of the boss, so adjusting their position and changing their mentality is the premise of doing the market. Only by creating a business atmosphere of active competition can they gain a firm foothold in today's market

2. Terminal promotion of key business districts

after exiting the bad business district and entering the key business district, what we need to do is how to effectively promote the terminal. At this point, today's home building materials market can consider how to make the channel through, don't think about the overall promotion and occupation, such as the key breakthrough of a real estate, the development of several decoration design companies that can stabilize the output, and so on. Once stabilized, The benefits it can bring are certainly considerable

build a high-quality team and comprehensively cultivate talents

1 Building a team

people is the foundation of all sales. Any organization needs to build a fighting team. The composition of the store team includes three parts: the dealer boss, the professional manager, and the store salesperson. Although the sparrow is small and has five dirty parts, the personnel structure of the store also needs to be the same. A clear division of labor can make the whole store operate in an orderly manner

2. Strengthen personnel training

in order to make sure that there are no weak soldiers under the strong generals, it is necessary to keep training them. A well-trained team can win a big battle in today's market and fight a long-term war. It is the same reason that the so-called iron making also needs its own hard work. Continuous training to make itself strong is the king way to improve sales

3. Survival of the fittest

for store personnel to achieve survival of the fittest, training requires assessment, and assessment must be supervised, so as to achieve implementation and ultimately improve store performance

work hard on products to maintain market competitiveness at all times

1 Configuring differentiated products

is one of the key points to stand out in the market. The product structure of stores is the focus. Generally, image products account for 15%, profit products account for 55%, and promotional products account for 30%. Such a product structure can maximize the benefits of stores

2. Timely eliminate non selling products

it is necessary to timely eliminate non selling products, increase the turnover rate of store products, and improve the floor efficiency of stores

3. Market optimization store product placement structure

gives customers a refreshing feeling, which is also the key to making the store live

4. Maintain competitiveness at all times

in view of the increasingly serious situation of product homogenization in the current market, we should strive to achieve excellence in people, cheapness in people, and freshness in people from the above three aspects, so that the products of the whole store will always be in a competitive position

in general, in order to do a good job in store management, wardrobe dealers also need to make a good layout in terms of market, business circle and talents, so as to make the store more competitive in the market and enable dealers to manage the store more effectively, so as to comprehensively double the performance of the store and fully improve the revenue of the store

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