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The activity of "passion for the Olympic Games, ceremony and appointment to join - Huiya joining month Rio Olympic special" was officially launched! Mustard promises to enjoy 5 preferential supports during the Olympic Games

on August 6, Beijing time, the Rio Olympic Games officially opened! As a service provider in the Pan home furnishing industry, Huiya launched the activity of "passion for the Olympics, ceremony and appointment to join - Huiya joining month Rio Olympics special" at the same time, and joined hands with 300000 home furnishing manufacturers to cheer on Chinese Olympic athletes and create an online joining event in China's home furnishing industry

"joining month" is an online and offline linkage activity with the theme of "investment promotion and brand promotion" launched by Huiya media - Home hotline in August. Brands from aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors, whole wood home decoration, clothes and cabinets, wallpaper, wallpaper, curtains and other industries gather. In order to add weight to the event, manufacturers have launched "tough moves" one after another. 0 franchise fee, 0 deposit and low threshold are not enough, and then crazy gifts for opening, 360 degree full support,... Multiple discounts, waiting for you! Mustard wood decoration promises to enjoy 5 preferential supports during the Olympic Games

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during the Olympic Games, there are "reasons" for joining in:

first, the leader of one-stop supporting customization of home furnishings

integrate the concept of global modern home life, subvert the traditional decoration on-site production and manufacturing mode, create a new era of industrialized customization of luxury home decoration, and the one-stop supporting customization scheme serves the global luxury home decoration

second, the production strength is ahead of others

the total area of the plant is more than 200 mu. Huizhou has built a large-scale production base for muster's overall customized home furnishings. There are nearly 2000 employees with excellent professional quality and craft carving masters > 100 person team

III. top designer team

mustard · chief designer: Enio Lurgi ennio Lurgi, a famous Italian home product designer, is one of the 30 most influential home design masters in the world. The essence of cutting-edge design concepts from Europe and the United States has won many awards at the Oscar Milan Expo in the design industry

IV. top honors in the industry

1 In November 2015, he was elected as the executive chairman unit of China whole wood customization Association, and won three honors in 2015, including "top ten solid wood whole house customization brands", "Gold Award for original design" and "preferred brand of Chinese villas and luxury houses"

2. In May, 2015, it was ranked first in the "2015 top ten demonstration brands of" innovation and responsibility "in China's customized home furnishing industry

3. In 2014, it was selected as "the first brand of China's one-stop supporting customized home" and "CCTV's influential partner in China"

join muster and enjoy the discount continuously:

1 Unified decoration: the company provides unified VI, unified decoration, and the company accepts according to the standard

2. Ultra low rebate standard: implement a super preferential rebate policy, and participate in the rebate as long as the dealer completes more than 30% of the performance. The better the performance, the richer the rebate

3. Ultra low discount samples: enjoy ultra-low discount for samples for the first time

4. Exclusive agency system: do not authorize the same series of products to a third party in the authorized area, so as to fully ensure the interests of dealers

5. Store franchise: dealers shall not operate similar products in authorized stores

6. Other policies: Dealer rebate policy, support policy for newly opened franchised stores, support policy for promotional products

Olympic gas station:

Olympic gas, China Gas

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about mustard:

Hong Kong United beauty home furnishing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. From a small enterprise focusing on the processing and export of wood carving decorative accessories, it has developed into three subordinate companies. Since the group company with four major brands, it spans three fields: building materials, home furnishings and real estate. The rapid development of united beauty decoration stems from the leading brand awareness of the enterprise. Since 1993, it has successively established APS beauty decoration, dechome carving family, mousia Mushi and most mustard brands

mustard product exhibition

Hong Kong United beauty decoration Group has production bases in Liaobu Town in Dongguan and Longxi town in Huizhou, with a total plant area of more than 200 mu and more than 1200 employees. APS beauty decoration has always focused on the design and production of wood carving ornaments, which has won a good reputation in the international market. Now it has more than 20 sales outlets all over the world, with annual sales exceeding 500million yuan




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