The bright pearl in the doors and windows of Fosha

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What the brand carries is more the recognition of its products and services by some people. It is a product derived from the mutual running in between brand makers and customers' purchasing behavior. There is a popular saying in the door and window industry that "China's doors and windows look at Guangdong, and Guangdong's doors and windows look at Foshan". In fact, Foshan is the birthplace of many high-end door and window brands. Door and window brands with relatively high popularity in China come from Foshan. For example, pearl Innovation Exhibition is a typical national high-end brand born and raised in Foshan. In the context of the Chinese nation, we work together with dealers to complete the "Pearl dream", Reality "you are a pearl" life value

the river grows out of Dabei and the Sea grows out of the Pearl. The Pearl creation exhibition is growing in Foshan, the birthplace of high-end door and window brands. In the past six years, it has continued to innovate and surpass, creating high-end doors and windows in the style of new classic luxury residential doors and windows. Pearl Jinshang imitation heavy sliding door series, light enterprise thickness 45mm, light enterprise height 90mm, material thickness up to 1.4mm, frame 115mm, pearl Jinshang series is a kind of home culture, a way of life, a reflection of mood and personal identity, when the quality of life is raised to a high level, every bit of life should be exquisite and full of happiness

interpret the new classics in an all-round way, with exquisite quality and lasting experience. It brings every detail to the extreme. The unique chute mechanism and the large angle opening method are not limited by itself, making the door body more convenient and fast in the process of use. All these have achieved extraordinary bearing and brought infinite enjoyment




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