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In May, the breeze is fine, and the flowers of Sophora japonica and gardenia are fragrant. May 8th is a very beautiful day. It is estimated that all the circles of friends are filial sons! Yes, May 8th - mother's Day

May 8th is a big day for mothers and craftsmen! Anhui Huai'an flagship store of fine craftsman is grandly opened

Anhui Huainan flagship store of fine craftsman, which opened grandly on May 8

the opening scene was full of people and flowers. In order to add more joyful effects, the golden egg smashing activity was launched on site, making the atmosphere of the whole opening scene lively

the opening of the new store offers great benefits throughout the city.

since its launch, the healthy plate brand "fine craftsman" has been favored by the majority of consumers. Anhui Huainan flagship store was grandly opened, and there were four opening reward activities in the store, attracting many consumers to rush into the store. The activity is still in progress. Please make an appointment quickly

install a house, buy boards, choose refined wood craftsman, healthy boards

the flagship store of refined wood craftsman in Huainan, Anhui Province provides local citizens with a healthy, environmental friendly and high-quality overall furniture experience platform. Here, we wish the "flagship store of fine craftsman in Huainan, Anhui" to open for a long time and bring fine craftsman health products to every household

precision craftsman Anhui Huainan flagship store

Tel: 13866300775

address: d7101-106, Yong'an international city, tianjia'an District, Huai'an City, Anhui Province

looking forward to 2016, opportunities and challenges coexist, responsibilities and dreams coexist! I believe that 2016 will be a more brilliant year for fine craftsman! Let's cheer for a more brilliant tomorrow of fine craftsman

official website of ecological plate Craftsman: www.jcyjbc Com

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