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Refrigerated express cabinet tilt photography UAV

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at this special trade fair, we saw many large a scales: used to measure metals with a hardness of more than 70hrc (such as tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, etc.), as well as hard sheet materials and surface hardened materials Even the figure of enterprises, those excellent patented technologies and representative innovative products are also the epitome of the continuous development and innovation of a city, which is optimizing our life and future

iceberg group: Refrigerated express cabinets complete the cold chain

in the exhibition hall, an express cabinet similar to "Fengchao" attracted "onlookers". After the staff entered the password, one of the cabinet doors opened and reached in to try the temperature. It was cool! Originally, this is a smart cabinet independently developed by Panasonic cold chain under iceberg group, with an average temperature of 2 ℃ ~ 7 ℃. It is dedicated to the retail "last mile" solution, which is applied to the terminal distribution of refrigerated and frozen goods, and solves the problems of waiting and secondary distribution of dispatchers. In other words, the seller or courier can deliver the fresh food ordered or purchased by citizens in the supermarket to this refrigerator for storage, which truly realizes the preservation and distribution of the whole cold chain

"don't underestimate this cabinet. It's not as simple as a refrigerator! It's mainly used to store food on weekdays, such as durian and fish. You can't cross taste. Its technology is that each cabinet is relatively independent input of fresh and cold air, without circulating air supply, to ensure freshness and cleanness." According to the staff, this characteristic project from Dalian has now moved from Australia to the United States and Mexico, and is trying to show its strength around the world, with a good growth momentum

cloud sea Innovation: the photographic UAV can reach 110 million pixels

a white fuselage with red wings stands proudly on the special traffic exhibition hall. It is called the long endurance time difference sub mapping UAV, with a weight of 3.5 kg, a maximum level flight speed of 85 kilometers per hour and a practical ceiling of 3000 meters. It is one of the UAV series products of Dalian cloud sea Innovation Technology Co., Ltd

a tilt photography UAV was also seen at the scene, which can obtain multi angle aerial images of about 0.5 square kilometers per sortie. The aerial photography process realizes full-automatic navigation operations, which is suitable for national ecological environment protection, mineral resources exploration, marine environment monitoring, crop growth monitoring and yield estimation, land use investigation, etc. Its 20.2 million APS-C frame professional camera can reach 110 million pixels

high technology is increasingly coming into our lives. The person in charge of the company said that the energy required for UAV and renewable aluminum production is only about 5% of the energy required to extract raw aluminum from ore. The Application of unmanned ships in aerial photography, wedding celebrations, photogrammetry, electricity, fire protection, plant protection, civil air defense, search and rescue, environmental protection and other fields has been fully tested. Vertical shooting, 180 degree pan tilt, high-definition digital image transmission, precise operation... In this potential market, drones made in Dalian are trying to fly farther into the sky

red fruit Agriculture: let Southern fruits take root on a one person tall green plant in the north, surrounded by more than a dozen large and small papayas. This 120 day old non transgenic papaya tree has a fast growth rate and a yield of more than 50 kg. Let the southern fruits settle in the north, which is the "secret" of red fruit agriculture in Dalian. It is reported that they have the patented technology of agricultural high-tech plant freeze wake-up reduction with independent intellectual property rights, which fills the gap at home and abroad and greatly improves the cold resistance of crops. Papaya can be stored at a temperature of -5 ℃, thus driving the development of the auto parts industry. Banana can survive in a low temperature environment of -18 ℃, and the growth rate of plants can be increased by 2 ~ 3 times, up to more than 6 times. The yield of papaya and banana planted in standard greenhouse can reach more than 15000 kg per mu, and the yield and output value are more than 5 ~ 7 times higher than that of traditional planting

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