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Relevance marketing is imperative

one survey after another shows that consumers are tired of media advertising. They said that no matter which channel, they do not want to see advertisements. The following two behaviors confirm this: 1. A Forrester survey in 2004 showed that people prefer to watch screened recorded TV films, because they skip an average of 92% of commercial advertisements because of the high density of new materials and technologies and the rapid development; 2. Most Internet users prevent pop-up advertisements, block advertising software, and prevent spam

facing such consumers who hate advertising, what should advertisers and agents do? Is it to continue to spread unwelcome garbage advertisements or to maintain an embarrassing situation where there is no way to start? The answer is No. the strategy is to make popular advertisements, build word-of-mouth of goods, and cancel the publisher's advertisements (if the publication has printed negative editorials about them)

these strategies are good, but they are inevitably theoretical and ineffective when implemented. In fact, there is a more feasible method here, which is relevance marketing

with the continuous advertising 2. The buffer oil should be kept clean and flooded today, consumers have long been tired of advertising and developed ways to deal with it. In order to deal with unpopular information, they become more vigilant and proficient in identifying predatory information. In short, consumers regard advertisements as sharks and avoid them immediately once they see shark fins. They are exposed to an unprecedented amount of information and hate to swallow information they don't like. Therefore, for advertising, relevance marketing is imperative

how to implement relevance marketing

in this regard, Google is the best example. The reason is that Google has a deep understanding of relevance marketing. Google knows that in this information age, consumers and buyers have a lot of information at any time, and the competition in the market is the competition of information relevance. Customers will trust whoever can provide the accurate information they need most. Under this theory, Google provides users with relevant search, relevant page content and relevant email content. It honestly solicits users' various contents in the form of keywords and grammar, and gives friendly feedback to users' emails and advertisements. Therefore, Google is warmly welcomed by users. These users welcome Google and make disdainful efforts to welcome Google

the example of Google shows that as long as we spend time and experience on relevance marketing, our advertising purpose will be achieved. The implementation method is to spread advertisements carefully and send real and relevant information to specific consumers at the right time. It's easy to talk about Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer in the field of material testing in China, but it's not easy to do, because it needs to clarify the advertising object, understand the likes and dislikes of consumers, and then choose the information that can explain your intention to affect the testing accuracy to send and contact. That is, customer-centered self promotion. At the same time, you can't highlight yourself too much in publicity. Although children who lose their temper in the grocery store can attract others' attention, this is not positive attention. If they are not used well, it will backfire, that is, the more marketers use aggressive technical advertising, the more consumers hate and stay away from them

to sum up, relevance marketing is imperative

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