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Relevant policies help improve the financing environment of the real economy

relevant policies help improve the financing environment of the real economy

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Guide: Although trapped in insufficient funds, Li Xuezhi still did not give up his dream. In the field of lithium battery manufacturing, Li Xuezhi's lightweight 1 has always been the technical direction promoted by the automotive industry. The company has held five patents, but due to lack of funds, as the general manager, he can only close his factory in Anhui and turn to Jiangsu for development. Jiangsu Youhe

although trapped by insufficient funds, Li Xuezhi still did not give up his dream

in the field of lithium battery manufacturing, Li Xuezhi's company has held five patents, but due to lack of funds, as the general manager, he can only close his factory in Anhui and turn to Jiangsu

"Jiangsu has partners, and the financing environment is better. Now I'm waiting for equipment. In fact, as long as the factory in Anhui has a financing of 2-3 million yuan, I won't move." Li Xuezhi told on January 12

despite the relocation, Li Xuezhi is still optimistic about the prospects of the manufacturing industry. Premier Wen Jiabao's recent speech made Li Xuezhi believe that financing should become easier in the future

at the fourth national financial work conference held recently, Wen Jiabao said that to do a good job in financial work in the new era, we should adhere to the essential requirements of financial services for the real economy, firmly grasp the solid foundation of developing the real economy, take measures from many aspects to ensure that funds are invested in the real economy, effectively solve the problems of difficult and expensive financing in the real economy, and resolutely curb the transformation of social capital from real to virtual and money speculation, Prevent the virtual economy from excessive self circulation and expansion, and prevent the phenomenon of industrial hollowing out

earlier, when Wen Jiabao visited Hunan Province, he said that the central government had clearly implemented a prudent monetary policy, and made pre adjustments and fine adjustments according to time and situation. There should be tight, loose and pressure. The key is to use money to the local areas, support the real economy and support structural adjustment

A series of data released recently shows the determination of the Chinese government to support the real economy: the growth rate of China's loans and new money supply in December last year both exceeded expectations; On the other hand, China's manufacturing industry contracted in November, but began to recover in December. The official purchasing managers' index rose to 50.3, indicating that manufacturing activity is stabilizing

clear policy signals benefit enterprises

in fact, enterprises have gained something before Wen Jiabao repeatedly mentioned that the financial industry should serve the real economy

Li Xuezhi told that it was still difficult for the company to obtain help directly from the government, but it was relatively easy to obtain loans from banks, although it could only be small loans

but the reason why Li Xuezhi still wants to move away is that the financing environment and difficulty in the eastern region are better than those in the central and western regions. "Why not go if there is a better choice?" Li Xuezhi said

compared with the strategy of survival in the transfer process of small enterprises, domestic large enterprises have received greater support. As a representative of traditional industries, Shan Steel Group has made great progress after obtaining the support of the financial industry

the relevant person in charge of Shandong Iron and steel group told that over the past three years, Shandong Iron and Steel Group has actively and steadily promoted the asset restructuring of its main iron and steel industry. The asset restructuring plan of two listed companies, Jinan Iron and steel and Laiwu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., has been approved by the national securities regulatory authority, and the organizational structure and operation mode of Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are being designed. In order to improve the fund management level of the group company, on the basis of the fund center, the application for the establishment of a finance company has been approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and will soon be opened for operation. We implemented industrial restructuring and optimized 242 holding and participating enterprises. Through reorganization and integration, the advantages of group operation have gradually emerged, and the market voice and resource allocation ability have been significantly enhanced

with such support, Shandong Iron and Steel Group produced 23.8 million tons of steel, 24.9 million tons of iron and 22.8 million tons of steel last year, ranking 73rd among the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2011 and eighth among the national steel enterprises

at the level of central enterprises, the support from the banking industry has given central enterprises confidence in the process of growth

Zhou Zhongxin, President of China Minmetals Group, once made it clear that the development of central enterprises cannot be separated from the support of partners including Bank of communications, and Minmetals Group will further promote the comprehensive cooperation with Bank of communications

in this context, China Minmetals Corporation, in the last year, when the global economic recovery was slow and the European debt crisis continued to deepen, the total annual profit still soared, and exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 12.765 billion yuan, an increase of 98.47% year-on-year

at the central economic work conference held not long ago, the support level was expressed more clearly: fiscal policy and credit policy should pay attention to strengthening the coordination and cooperation with industrial policy, fully reflect the classified guidance, support and control, continue to increase investment in "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", affordable housing, social undertakings and other fields, and continue to support underdeveloped areas, scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, strategic emerging industries National major infrastructure projects under construction and continued construction, enterprise technological transformation, etc

some experts said publicly that "support" is reflected in increasing credit support for structural adjustment, especially agriculture and small enterprises. The column "economy" introduces Baosteel's advanced experience in green development, focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises that comply with industrial policies, and supports livelihood projects, especially affordable housing projects; "Control" is reflected in strictly controlling loans to industries with high energy consumption, high emissions and overcapacity, and strengthening the coordination and cooperation between credit policies and industrial policies under the guidance of "support and control"

the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan for services trade, biotechnology, building materials industry and other industries further points out the direction that the financial industry should support

some experts said that it is worth noting that the healthy development of the real economy cannot be separated from the support of the financial industry, and the development of the financial industry itself also needs the guidance of the real economy. Only by combining the two, promoting each other and developing together, can we achieve a win-win situation

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