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Regional mold cities have shown a good development trend

in recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly. In order to further give play to the group advantages and carry out professional cooperation, many regions have successively established regional mold cities with the support of relevant local government departments, which has played a positive role in developing the local mold industry

Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, took the lead in establishing the mold city. The first phase of the development project of Yuyao mold City, with a total planning area of 1500 mu and an investment of 1billion yuan, has been successfully completed. At present, an investment of 450million yuan has been completed, the development area has reached 140000 square meters, and 145 mold manufacturing enterprises and 45 operating enterprises have settled in the mold city. In 2000, the mold production value of the mold city has reached 500million yuan (including 150million yuan for export and 350million yuan for self use), and the sales volume of mold materials has reached 60000 tons. The completion of phase I project has had a great impact on the development of mold industry in Yuyao and surrounding areas

Jiangsu Mold Industry Experimental Zone, located in Kunshan National High-tech Industrial Park, has been attracting investment and construction for nearly three years. At present, 12 foreign-funded enterprises and 18 domestic enterprises have entered the zone, with an investment of about 300million yuan and a development area of 300000 square meters. This is similar to the feelings of Russians for Putin. At present, the second phase of the project is in progress. As Jiangsu Province and the local government give more preferential policies to this experimental area, it is expected that the future development prospects will be better, which will play a positive role in the development of mold work in the local and surrounding areas

Ninghai mold City in Zhejiang Province started late but developed rapidly. The mold city plans to invest 500million yuan in the "Tenth Five Year Plan", covering an area of 1500 mu. Since the foundation was laid in December 2000, 100 mu of land in the first phase has been subscribed out in half a month, 265 mu of land in the second phase has also been subscribed for most, and 500 mu of land has been requisitioned in the third phase. According to the original plan, by the end of June 2001, the first phase of the project, the mold manufacturing center with a broad market for refined oil products, will be completed and put into operation. China Qingqi Group and other units will take the lead in investing huge sums of money and advanced equipment in the mold city. With the establishment of trading center and future testing center, heat treatment center and R & D center, Ninghai mold city will play a great role in promoting the development of local mold industry

the molding industrial park in Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province has a total planned land of 845 mu. The first phase of the project that has been built and is under construction has begun to take shape, and the expansion project of 180million yuan has been planned. At that time, it is expected to form an annual production capacity of 550 sets of engineering plastic molds, 2000 sets of shoe molds, 4000 tons of plastic products and related products. The mold industrial park in Ningbo Beilun science and technology park is expected to lay the foundation this summer. This mold industrial park will feature a die-casting mold production base with a high starting point

south Shanghai mold city and Wuhan mold city have begun to prepare for construction. Under high pressure, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered. Start the oil pump or check the reason. Quanzhou is also preparing to build a mold city

from the above mold City, the overall development trend is good. It should be pointed out that the construction of mold city should be combined with the actual situation of local mold industry development, careful decision-making, pay attention to the effect, in order to facilitate development

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