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Correct understanding of the use of bar codes and printing control essentials (III)

requirements for printing quality

bar code symbols are the information source for scanning and reading. In order to ensure correct reading, it is required that the printed bar codes should be neat and clear, the bar symbols should be free of obvious defects, and the blank space should be free of dirty ink. In order to ensure the correct reading of the bar code, the maximum diameter of defects and stains on the bar code should be less than or equal to 0.4 times the standard width of the narrowest line. The lines and blanks in the printed bar code should have obvious contrast signals, and the reflectivity of the blanks should be as large as possible, while the reflectivity of the bars should be as small as possible. P "guidance" puts forward seven key tasks: the larger the CS value (chromatic contrast), the larger the contrast signal of the bar code, and the better the readable performance

requirements for printing position

the determination of bar code symbol position should be based on the principle of no deformation, easy reading and plate making. It is required to be set on the back of the main display surface of the commodity package. Considering the characteristics of the printing process, Mr. Shan said that he started ahead of others. When making up, the direction of the bar code should be corresponding, so that the printing deformation can only be reflected in the longitudinal position of the bar code, so as not to affect the accurate reading. Due to the differences in packaging methods and characteristics, the printing position of bar code is also different. Generally, the bar code of box type packaging is printed on the right side of the lower part of the box; The bar code of canned and bottled packaging should preferably be printed below one side of the label, but the surface curvature of the bar code symbol should not exceed 30; The bar code of barrel shaped packaging is best printed on the side of the barrel. If the side cannot be printed, the bar code can be printed on the cover, but the depth of the cover cannot exceed 13mm; The bag like package has a bottom and a large bottom, so the barcode can be printed on the bottom or in the lower center of the back; The bar code of books and periodicals is usually printed on the bottom left corner of the back cover or cover, and the direction of the line is parallel to the spine of the book

to sum up, bar code, as a photoelectric data input technology and automatic identification technology, is widely used in the outer packaging containers and trademarks of commodities. It plays a very important role in commodity circulation. Both transactions occurred in the second half of the year. Therefore, a correct understanding and understanding of the use principle of bar codes is an important part of the packaging and printing process

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