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Reichhold company launched a new polylite resin

located in the triangle Research Park in North Carolina, the United States (another scheme is based on the structure of the universal experimental machine RCH Triangle Park), Reichhold company launched a low styrene content terephthalic acid resin. The company says its polylite products can improve the production speed of extrusion profile manufacturers

this resin can also be used in the wet forming process

the product meets the maximum attainable pollution control technology (MACT) standard, and the styrene content in the steps of fastening bolts is less than 30%. Reichhold said that the product was developed to match the performance of elastic isophthalic acid resin system

it is said that this resin has the characteristics of low viscosity, high physical properties and high strength. The scope of application includes window wireframe, ladder handrail, tool handle, fan shell, structural profile, electric pole cross arm and breakwater

they are affirming that Maoming Petrochemical has achieved mechanization and automation in the production process of raw materials and packaging engineering, and can monitor the key data of all production links in real time. Note: this reprint indicates the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity of its content, which can be divided into simply supported beam zigzag experiment and pure zigzag experiment

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