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Release the five-year strategic plan, 12000 joint trucks in 2015

release the five-year strategic plan, 12000 joint trucks in 2015

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the joint truck 2015 annual meeting is not so much a "rite of passage". With the development of the construction plan of the sharing platform of new material resources in the industry and the launch of the implementation of the two-way benefits of performance improvement and equity change, United truck has transformed from a "child" into a "guy" in the industry, with a "qualitative" change

why do you say that? Because, first of all, the performance of United trucks in 2014 with 7021 vehicles is very close to the "queue of 10000 vehicles sold annually"; Secondly, the "role" has changed significantly. After CIMC group became its new "owner", United truck became the "member enterprise" of CIMC group, and the available resources were completely different from those in the past, which would have a great impact on its future development

what is the current ownership structure of United truck? What impact does the new ownership structure have on it? How will United truck develop in the future? What is the goal this year

CIMC holds 66% of the shares, and the value of lianka has soared

for Lianhe truck, the equity change is a top priority in 2014. At the meeting, United truck officially announced that CIMC increased its stake in United truck to 66%, and United truck officially became a "member enterprise" of CIMC, from an "adopted son" to a "real son"

according to Du Zhong, assistant general manager of Jirui United Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, "In March 2009, at the beginning of the establishment of United truck, CIMC, Wuhu Tairui investment (controlled by Chery) and Shenzhen Jiusi investment jointly invested 1.2 billion yuan in the proportion of 45%, 45% and 10% respectively (at that time, it was CIMC vehicles, and in January 2013, the shareholder changed from CIMC vehicles to CIMC group); by July 2014, CIMC group increased its capital by 370million yuan, holding 57.96% shares, 34.4% of Teri vehicles and 7.6% of Jiusi investment, and CIMC group controlled United truck."

Du Zhong said, "by December 2014, the equity of Lianhe truck has reduced its weight and thus reduced its cost. The structure is determined as: CIMC 66.2%, Chery 26.1%, Jiusi investment 7.6%

Du Zhong said that the equity change of United truck has brought a new identity - "member enterprise of CIMC", that is, United truck has become a directly managed enterprise of CIMC, which means it can bring more resource injection and will receive the full support of CIMC in terms of capital, production, team management, etc

there is a common saying: it's better to have a cool back against a big tree. The United truck is definitely near an enviable big tree. First of all, CIMC group generated 57.9 billion yuan of revenue in 2013, and is a "father" who is not bad for money. Secondly, the capital increase of CIMC group not only brought the heavy truck business into the direct management queue, but also reassured the employees on and off the United truck, and understood that CIMC wanted to expand the heavy truck business, which strengthened the confidence of employees; At the same time, after being unilaterally controlled by CIMC, the trouble of requiring multiple approvals for matters previously caused by the year-on-year ratio of shares between CIMC and Chery was also solved

stop the oil pump. In addition, CIMC is bound to give more resources to United trucks, which is also conducive to the future development of United trucks. At the annual meeting, CIMC Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. signed a loan and credit agreement with United truck on site, and the credit line given to United truck is "unlimited". Such a big deal has solved the long-standing financing problem of "Hexion, a financial support channel, signed a three-year new contract with the Fraunhofer Engineering Center in London, Ontario, Canada, with insufficient strength", which is the direct benefit of "role change"

and all kinds of benefits will roll in from now on. CIMC group itself is a large user of heavy trucks, and its subsidiaries such as CIMC vehicles and CIMC logistics have a direct and large demand for heavy trucks. Moreover, United trucks can also form a collaborative relationship with CIMC's special vehicles and other enterprises. Under the shelter of CIMC, the sales of United trucks can obviously open up quickly

12000 vehicles will be set in 2015 and the five-year strategic plan will be released

as a "member enterprise" of CIMC, the development of United trucks has received more attention and has a clearer development orientation

"since its establishment, United truck has been missing long-term planning, just to survive in a busy and rushing." Du Zhong said that after the capital increase and equity direct management of CIMC group, the opinions of United truck, McKinsey, industry experts and other parties were gathered to jointly formulate a five-year strategic plan for United truck

at the conference, Eucommia released the five-year strategic plan for United trucks: "stand firmly in the second tier of the industry in 2017 and rank in the forefront of the second tier in 2020." This strategic plan uses 98 pages of PPT to specifically answer "who am I? Where am I? Where am I going?" These three major positioning problems have solved the problem of "lack of planning" in the past

how to achieve strategic goals? Eucommia said to promote the completion of the goal from many aspects. "I. in terms of product and technology strategy, Zhongzhong end heavy truck (positioned at 10000 yuan) It is the core product, supplemented by medium and heavy trucks, and natural gas products are the strategic key products; 2、 In terms of customers, markets and services, gather key customers, gather domestic and overseas forces, and improve services and value-added; 3、 Management improvement. Improve management efficiency and team ability, and establish a lean management system; 4、 The group cooperates with the outside. In terms of finance, special vehicles, key customers and overseas market development, cooperate with resources within the group and pay attention to external cooperation opportunities. "

according to the five-year plan, the United truck set a target of 12000 vehicles in 2015. Tang Gang, general manager of Jirui United Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and general manager of United truck Marketing Service Co., Ltd., said that the company must complete the sales of 10000 vehicles in 2015, strive to achieve the goal of 12000 vehicles, and focus on promoting NGV series. "Among them, 4800 ng vehicles, accounting for 40%; 7200 diesel vehicles, accounting for 60%; tractors, accounting for 55%, dump trucks, accounting for 13%, mixer trucks, accounting for 21%, and other vehicles, accounting for 11%, the same as in 2014."

in a word, after United truck becomes the "son" of CIMC group, its value will undoubtedly soar in this era of "fighting for father". It should not be difficult to achieve the goal of 10000 vehicles this year, but it still needs more efforts to stand firmly in the second tier in 2017. After all, the competition is still fierce

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