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Correct use of agricultural machinery in early spring

first, all kinds of agricultural machinery should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, fastened and other work before use according to the requirements of the operation manual, so as to ensure that the machines and tools are put into operation in a good technical state

II. For the maintenance of the lubrication system of power machinery (such as tractors and diesel engines), in addition to using lubricating oil according to the specified standards, it is also necessary to strictly abide by the maintenance cycle and specifications of the lubrication system, clean the lubrication system regularly, and replace the filter components regularly, so as to reduce the wear of machine parts

III. The temperature in early spring is unstable and volatile. The use of the cooling system of power machinery in recent years cannot be ignored:

(1) continue to do a good job in antifreeze. When the temperature is below zero at night, if antifreeze is not used, the cooling water should be discharged to avoid freezing and cracking the body

(2) when the machine is started at low temperature, it should be started by preheating

(3) pay attention to the normal operating temperature of the engine. No load operation can be carried out only when the water temperature reaches more than 40 ℃; Load operation can be started only when the temperature is above 60 ℃; The normal working temperature should be kept between 80-95 ℃ to reduce unnecessary wear of the engine

IV. the tractor must strictly abide by the operating procedures when carrying out rotary tillage, seeding, irrigation and other operations. 1. Automatic zeroing: the computer receives the instruction to start the experiment to ensure safe production

but for the first time, film is used to achieve glassy transparency

first, fuel purification. At present, most of the engines of crop straw tensile testing machines in Jinan testing machine factory of agricultural machinery are diesel engines, so the purification of diesel is very important. There are three ways to purify diesel oil: first, let the purchased diesel oil settle for more than 96 hours, and then filter the funnel and add a layer of silk cloth when refueling. When taking oil from the oil drum, wrap the filter with a layer of silk cloth or typewriter wax paper, and clean or replace it regularly. In particular, the imported equipment of agricultural reclamation should be refuelled in the way of diesel sedimentation for 96 hours, three-stage filtration, and float oil extraction. The oil tank should be filled up in the evening of the first day of operation to prevent water vapor condensation

second, the lubricating oil is clean. Always pay attention to the use of clean lubricating oil that meets the standard of this machine. The filter element of the engine oil filter should be cleaned regularly. The rotor type filter is pasted with a layer of kraft paper with appropriate width and length on the inner wall of the rotor to facilitate the adsorption of dirt under centrifugal action. When cleaning the dirt adsorbed on the filter element, it is best to inflate it with an air pump, blow air from inside to outside, brush it with a brush, and never wipe it by hand. The lubricating oil should be used as required. Do not inject other lubricating oil casually

the third is clean air. When the engine is running, each cylinder absorbs 2-4 cubic meters of air per minute. In order to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is clean, the air filter must be inspected and cleaned regularly

fourth, the cooling water is clean. The engine cooling system is open. It is best to use soft water for cooling water, that is, snow, rainwater or treated tap water and clean well water. When cleaning the cooling system, add 1% caustic soda and 0 5% kerosene

fifth, the machines and tools are clean. Agricultural machinery operations are mostly carried out in the field and in the open air. They are often in contact with dust, sediment and water, and the body is most likely to be dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to scrub frequently to prevent the fuselage from rusting. If necessary, paint repair shall be given to prevent rust. (end)

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