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Recycled PET slicing technology realizes infinite recycling.

waste plastic bottles can be used for clothes, motorcycle helmets, fishing lines, packing ropes, or simply used in food packaging to realize infinite recycling. These are not unattainable high-tech ideas. They are the preferred base for the development of heavy chemical industry near Hong Kong. They are not unique patented technologies in developed countries, but environmental protection technologies within reach in China. With the development of the technology for manufacturing recycled PET chips, the hygienic indexes of recycled PET chips have reached the national hygienic standard for raw PET chips. The recycled PET raw materials will be used for food packaging. Recycled food grade PET chips can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% infinite recycling, which greatly saves the consumption of oil resources. According to statistics, in Beijing, 2. Adopting a wide range of inheritance circuits, the total amount of waste PET bottles produced each year can reach 150000 tons, about 6billion waste plastic bottles. The recycling army distributed in the streets and alleys, units and communities has brought the pollution of city appearance, noise, sewage and waste of resources through the extensive recycling market trading chain, and the low value-added products it produces can not be recycled and cause great harm to the environment

in 2009, the first recycled food grade PET chip enterprise in Asia was put into production in Beijing

Beijing Yingchuang renewable resources Co., Ltd., the first food grade recycled plastic (PET) chip manufacturer in Asia, was recently put into production in Beijing. The company makes PET bottle products from raw pet materials, and recycles waste bottles into recycled PET bottle grade chips, which are used in PET bottle products. Zouzuye, vice president of China Packaging Federation, believes that this will point out the direction for China to realize the recycling of PET packaging

it is reported that many developed countries have used recycled PET chips for the treatment of food packaging as early as 1991, but it has not been well solved in China. China's annual output of 3million tons of plastic bottles will not only consume more than 18million tons of oil, but also bring heavy pressure on the fragile ecological environment. Yaoyaxiong, the director of Yingchuang company, pointed out that through systematic recycling, deep cleaning and deep purification, Yingchuang's production of recycled food grade PET chips has gone through six stages. Where is the future development direction? " With these industry concerns, part of the 17 step inspection, its products meet the review standards of the Ministry of health and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine

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