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After the establishment of the alliance mode of Xiamen relay enterprises, which accounts for more than 50% of the domestic proportion,

Jiguang electronic industry technology innovation alliance, Xiamen electronic components industry technology innovation alliance, Xiamen shipbuilding industry technology innovation strategic alliance, etc., it was revealed at the Symposium on promoting the construction of Xiamen national innovative pilot cities held by Xiamen Institute of industrial technology last Saturday, As the leader of Xiamen relay, Xiamen Hongfa electroacoustic Co., Ltd. is going to cooperate with major relay enterprises in our city to explore the road of technological innovation strategic alliance

it is understood that Xiamen relay industry has developed into a large number of large-scale enterprises, such as Xiamen Hongfa electroacoustic Co., Ltd., Xiamen Thomas Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Ruiyang Trading Co., Ltd. It is worth noting that Xiamen Hongfa electroacoustic Co., Ltd. has the annual production capacity of 1billion relays and the scale of annual sales of 2.4 billion yuan. The production capacity and sales scale are the first in the same industry in China for many years

songwenrong, assistant general manager of Xiamen Hongfa electroacoustic Co., Ltd., told that it is not enough for the development of Xiamen relay to rely on individuals alone. Each enterprise is single, and their own strength is limited. Songwenrong said that if an enterprise technological innovation alliance is established, it is difficult to vigorously develop the industry by integrating useful scientific and technological talents on this platform, and jointly participate in production, research and development, etc, This mode can really achieve the effect that 1+1 is greater than 2

a relevant person from the science and Technology Bureau said that after the establishment of the enterprise technology innovation alliance, the relay can continue to consolidate the advantages of our city in the field of traditional components and some electrical components Jinan assays, thank the majority of users for their recognition of our company, and further promote the adjustment of product structure and technological upgrading. Combining technology tracking with breakthroughs, and combining introduction with innovation, we will focus on breakthroughs in a large number of new components, new displays, display devices and key electronic materials, and form a number of advantageous enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness

song Wenrong said that in the future, Hongfa Co., Ltd. can take advantage of the industrial clusters formed in the relay field in Xiamen to build a technological innovation platform for the relay industry chain in Xiamen, and strive to achieve an annual sales revenue of 4 billion yuan and 5 billion yuan in 2015, and a 10 billion industry cluster in 2020, with a sales revenue of 9 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan. By then, the proportion of relay industry in Xiamen in China will increase from the current 18% to more than 50%

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