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Releasing stronger differentiated value, Schneider Electric leads the era of data center dividends

Chengdu, China. On September 4, 2020, various online application scenarios are emerging in endlessly, which is accelerating the deployment of enterprises on the cloud. At the same time, with the further acceleration of the implementation of new infrastructure and the integration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5g with more business models, China's digital economy has gained unprecedented momentum. Under this trend, as the digital base of the new infrastructure, the market scale of the data center is being gradually enlarged. According to statistics, the market size of IDC business in China will exceed 320.05 billion yuan in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of 28.8%

from business tools to enterprise digital productivity, from cost center to service center, from supporting business to driving business development, data center is no longer just an important it infrastructure for storing and processing data, but also a digital base for the development of digital economy with diverse roles and capabilities. In addition, under the accelerated deployment trend of 5g and cloud computing, the development of multi-modal data centers such as super large/large and edge data centers has also become an important trend, and promotes the emergence of more differentiated options

then, how to use more differentiated value to attract the favor of data center development dividends has become the focus of players in the whole industry. As one of the important supports for the stable operation of the data center, the infrastructure of the data center, including power supply and distribution, needs to use digital means to strengthen its full life cycle performance, further optimize the capacity of each link in the full life cycle from early design, construction to later operation and maintenance, help the data center achieve higher availability and faster deployment speed, take into account the superior energy efficiency management level, so as to achieve lower TCO, And meet the diversified needs of flexible expansion, rapid replication and remote management. Therefore, the key solutions and quality services to solve the above problems are becoming an important weight for design institutes, panel factories and general contractors to strive for greater market opportunities

recently, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, held a data center industry branch in Chengdu, inviting industry experts to interact with each other on the development trend and practice of data centers under the new infrastructure wave. Schneider Electric believes that if the organic integration of Cloud Architecture, innovative technology and profound professional knowledge can provide a solid foundation for helping to build a high-quality physical infrastructure, the diversified cooperation of innovative technology, open mode and all-round professional services will produce more solutions suitable for all kinds of data centers to play a stronger value, At present, more different types of comprehensive empowerment have been used as follows: partners better identify their own positioning and release stronger competitive advantages, so as to bring more safe, convenient and efficient full life-cycle maintenance experience to end users

based on ecostruxure architecture, Schneider Electric is based on deep practical accumulation and integrates the unique value of ecostruxure power intelligent distribution solution and ecostruxure it information technology solution. From power input to information output, from medium voltage facilities to it space, Schneider Electric provides a complete physical infrastructure digital solution covering planning, construction and operation for the construction of data centers, as well as uncompetitive services throughout the life cycle, Better serve the overall optimization of TCO and ROI in the data center

different from traditional distribution solutions, Schneider Electric's ecostruxure power intelligent distribution solution with medium and low voltage integration emphasizes the value deployment that is more suitable for the application needs of the scene. By integrating the new generation of pre intelligent low-voltage complete equipment, such as BLOKSET, okken, prismaset series and the new generation of compact NSX molded case circuit breaker, i-line track medium current bus, pso/pme and PSO easergy A5 edge control system, EBO building operation system and the newly upgraded Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, this scheme can be integrated and formed into distribution assets pre intelligent connection, comprehensive management of distribution system The edge integration of industrial applications and the four digital solutions of power distribution sites for the panoramic operation and maintenance of different user groups cover the entire electrical scene of the data center from medium voltage input to end load during the construction and operation of the data center, comprehensively optimize the digital management of the whole life cycle of distribution assets from design, construction to deployment and use, improve the reliability of power consumption, and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of power supply and distribution systems. At the same time, reduce the operation risk of distribution system, prevent and diagnose the potential health hazards of distribution assets, comprehensively improve power quality, optimize energy efficiency, and realize the refined management of power supply and distribution system

during this event, Schneider Electric's edge application China Tour (truck tour) will also start its 2020 dream journey from Chengdu. Unlike the mini small truck that has gone through more than half of China first and focused on helping channel expansion, this heavy truck will follow the steps of Schneider Electric 2020 Innovation Summit, six station data center summit and Industrial Expo, bringing users more real experience of the latest technologies, innovative thinking and all-round star products about edge computing

Zhang Fan, vice president of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business marketing department

as Zhang Fan, vice president of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business marketing department, emphasized at the event: the accelerated deployment of enterprise digital transformation and the acceleration of the implementation of new infrastructure not only release the stronger development potential of the data center market, but also have great impact on the availability, flexibility Energy saving and cost applicability bring more challenges. As an expert in the field of data center infrastructure, Schneider Electric will make full use of new technologies to provide all kinds of data centers with safe, reliable, flexible, efficient, green, energy-saving, cost optimized integrated infrastructure and full life cycle solutions and digital services. At the same time, relying on the business philosophy of China, Cooperate with more choice domain ecological partners of leading load sensors to jointly build a highly available digital cornerstone with more differentiated value, help industrial upgrading, and enjoy the era of data center Dividends with customers

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