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Regufoam polyurethane foam improves the anti vibration performance of machinery

CMS, a British company specializing in the production of anti vibration products, recently announced that while implementing the national and provincial preferential policies, vibration solutions has successfully developed a new polyurethane foam, which can significantly reduce the vibration produced by relevant machinery in the production of concrete paving bricks. This polyurethane foam, named regufoam series, contains 100% renewable ingredients, and is currently being used by wyresdale concrete products to develop its new anti vibration Hess vibrating brick molding machine to reduce the vibration caused by production

this brick machine with length, width and height of 6mx5mx2.2m is embedded with regufoam150 foam on each side, and the bottom is loosely laid regufoam300 foam. "Since heavy-duty machines need to work at least 10 hours a day, good anti vibration performance is particularly important for machine production." Steve Blackburn, a spokesman for wyresdale concrete products, said

at present, there are six kinds of regufoam polyurethane foam products from Switzerland n auml; Fels' Netstal Maschinen Ag will display a high-performance injection molding machine equipped with an electric welding machine with different product grades. Customers can choose according to the load capacity and natural frequency of the processed products

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