Correct use method of the hottest cement cushion b

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Correct use method of cement cushion block machine

1. Often check the symptoms in use: the size of the conductive mold of the body, the condition of the welding joint, and the weld crack, and there should be no dust and debris to repair in time. If the wear is too fast, adjust the particle size of the aggregate, and the excessive wear affects the quality of the products, and a new mold should be equipped

2. Carefully adjust the clearance, including the spacing between the indenter and the mold core, the movement plane of the indenter and the skip, the mold frame and the line plate, and the relative movement shall not interfere with or rub

3. When installing or replacing new and old molds, be sure to avoid collision and bump. Install the mechanical testing equipment for spring tension and compression test in a civilized manner, and pay attention to protecting the molds

4. When cleaning the mold daily, use air compressor and soft tools to remove the concrete residue. It is strictly forbidden to knock and pry by gravity. The profit level of ordinary plastic is 1% ⑶% mold

5. The replaced molds should be cleaned and oiled to prevent rust. They should be placed in a dry and flat place and supported horizontally to prevent gravity deformation

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